I don't know that I'll ever be able to reconcile myself to the fact that pen manufacturers expect you to refill this way.

Persimmons are briefly in season, and I've never really paid them much attention, so when I saw some at my local market, I decided to try them out. Turns out I like them — they're sweet when ripe, with a faint Muscadine flavor. Good for breakfast with yogurt. Will probably turn some of the riper ones into persimmon bread. Technically, they're big berries, like a tomato, a resemblance you can see in cross section.

Finished Sword of the Lictor, the third book in Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun saga, and man, it really locks the series into place for me. The two previous books were intriguing, but this one has sweep. Gonna take a breather before the fourth novel.

Each of those little squares represents a little over £15 for Extinction Rebellion.

"Green beans are immature pods of the more common dried beans."

Pretty psyched to start working my way through this one.

I think because the illustrations that accompanied it were usually caricatures of an elderly couple, I always used to think of the Jack Spratt nursery rhyme as a grotesque, rather than as portrait of a marriage composed of people who compliment one another perfectly.

Had this one on my to-read list for a while, and today it turns up in the little free library near my place.


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