@darius But are those the same phenomenon? When we talk about left wing radicalization, is that they same process as right wing radicalization, only toward a different set of political/economic ideals? Or are we really using the word radicalization to cover to different processes, with two differing sets of conditions that could be addressed without impinging on one another?

"From the perspective of pure experience, the unchanging combination of phenomena of consciousness is the fundamental fact, and the existence of the thing is simply an assumption made for the sake of explanation." —Kitarō Nishida, An Iniquiry Into the Good

On the ecological impact of rewilding — reintroducing fauna and megafauna to the Arctic to bolster the carbon capture of permafrost:

environment, consumerism 

Taking inventory of how many accounts I have on various online services, and I'm currently north of 50, which is way too many.

@luxpris Yes, constant web searches are the norm, and not just for noobies. I'd recommend finding a few resources you trust and bookmarking those. Makes it easier than combing through Google or DDG results a dozen times per day.

Think I may need to put down To the Finland Station for a bit. Between the weather, the impeachment trial, some medical stuff, the weather, and a lot of climate writing I've been working through, I think the history of socialism might be one burden too many on my psychic health.

@dgold I haven't. In part because I haven't particularly loved the fiction of his that I've read.

I've read a number of books on this subject over the last several years, and one of the great ironies of the genre is that they are nearly all focused on a handful of Great Men, as though unable to square the Marxist insistence on social causes with the actual development of Marxism.

One striking thing about To the Finland Station, Edmund Wilson's history of the writing of modern left politics, is the way that, the more Wilson emphasizes Marx's importance to the post-Paris left, the more Marx himself just seems difficult and temperamental.

Incidentally, the journal of manga and anime studies is called, get this, Mechademia: muse.jhu.edu/issue/40452

FWIW, Project Muse DOES offer RSS feeds, but they're all listed on a single page, instead of each feed appearing on its corresponding journal page: muse.jhu.edu/feeds/list_feeds?

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Ethically sourced goods with Fair Trade labels may cost more, but they help ensure better conditions for farmers in impoverished countries. And that’s important, considering how many things, like sugar and chocolate, are farmed.

I like to cultivate the attitude that, if I can’t afford something without relying on post-imperialist systems of exploitation, then I can’t afford it at all.

Oh no. I now have access to Project MUSE. This could turn into a serious problem.

@Julian There are self-hosted bookmarking apps, if that's something you need. And there's nothing stopping you from using Pocket that way, except maybe the absence of an import function. Just set up some folders to categorize them.

@nx Theoretically I could use the reader's browser to access my RSS feeds (I self-host a web-based RSS reader), but that would be pretty clunky, I think.

Right now, I check my feeds on my phone or computer, and save whatever looks interesting to Pocket, which is integrated directly into the Kobo OS. I've got cron set to refresh my RSS feeds only four times a day to cut down on the temptation to check compulsively.

@jaranta Yeah, I'm still working on that feature. My library offers free access to Oxford's Very Short Introduction series, so soon I will have a dangerously rudimentary understanding of just about everything.

I think my next experiment with it will be to see how poetry reads on it. I'd like to get a better sense of the current poetry landscape, and if an e-reader can make more of it accessible without distorting the formatting too much, that's all to the better.

I don't love e-books and probably never will, but I'm a little surprised at how well this e-reader has slotted into my reading. I'm using it to read some e-books that I picked along the way, but the big boost I've gotten out of it pertains to blogs and long form articles from the internet. Much easier to focus on and digest in this format. They're feed to me by RSS, and I pass the ones that look promising through Pocket to the reader.

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