@sigfried The Austin dispute is an interesting point of entry. Could maybe understand it in contrast to pragmatism that way. Thanks.

Have I mentioned before how great this album is? One of my absolute favorites from last year. webbermorrisbigband.bandcamp.c

Cone's essay serves as an illuminating summary of the intellectual history of MLK's theology of social justice, so here's a copy in case you're interested: archive.org/details/TheTheolog

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"It seems clear that the major obstacle in viewing Martin Luther King, Jr., as a creative theologian (and one of the most important in American history) is the narrow, elitist, and racist definition of theology that limits its methods and subject matter to problems that whites identify."

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Just happened to be reading Conethis week, so this is timely.

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Referring to turn based strategy games as "chess-likes"

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Yasunari Kawabata was the first #Japanese novelist to receive the Nobel prize in Literature. I recommend his novel "The Master of Go". When I read his Nobel lecture, its message really resonated with me. So I wrote an article about it: "The Beautiful Japan of the Mind".


@wim_v12e One of my favorite novels. I should dig up the post I wrote about it a while back and put it back up on my site.

@cypnk I've talked a little about this before, but my preferred method for brewing at home is to use a moka pot. I've got a little 3-shot Bialetti, and I just use the whole batch, cut with some milk, sometimes a bit of sugar. Moka pots were designed as a stovetop espresso method for home use, though the result is its own beast, somewhere between espresso and, say, pour over. Takes a little practice and the per cup time is longer, but it's what I like!

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Does anyone know of a good, comprehensive, tutorial on how to brew coffee?

Totally serious

There's so much conflicting info on pour over vs. drip vs. cold brew etc... And worse, a lot of them preach the same method regardless of coffee variety, roast, and grind. All these affect the flavor and choice of brew method isn't always an appropriate match

Reading Ostrom's Governing the Commons now. Lot of game theory in this one. That's never been my strong suit. I should probably brush up. Any recommendation on a short, accessible introductory text?

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I use poems in my basic writing courses to emphasize close reading & students really enjoy discussing poems together. I wonder if a poem's compact size makes students new to critical reading & writing feel less overwhelmed by a text.

@rusty I'd certainly imagine so.

Also: There's a popular perception that poems are less interpretationally proscribed, so that a layperson need not feel too hesitant to offer their own impressions.

They *feel* lower stakes to readers, even if poets tend to think of their work as high stakes and more technically demanding!

For those who have MUSE access: This article has really complicated my view of the movement, particularly in the author's discussion of how budgetary demands drive extractive policing, which in turn increases hostile encounters between police and disempowered communities. I'm interested in any work you may know of that speaks directly to those issues. journalofdemocracy.org/article

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