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Been using one of those dot grid notebooks as a journal, and TBH, I'll be relieved when it's full and I can move on to one with a less constraining line height without feeling wasteful.

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Looks like the request for full account migration functionality in Mastodon was finally resolved!
Has anyone tried this out and written up anything on it? It's explained by the dev pretty well in one of the related issue reports but I'd love to hear about it from a user perspective.

I've started writing at a new space,, about policies and politics affecting Atlanta, the state of Georgia and the South in general. The latest is about how southern lawmakers respond to questions on .

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Cursed information about the true nature of centaurs 

they're insects. They have three body parts head ('human') thorax ('human') abdomen ('horse') and they have six limbs.

Some of the books I buy are readers. I will, eventually, read them.

Others are storers. I've bought them, I keep them around, I tell myself I'll read them one day, but ultimately, I won't.

I don't enjoy reading ebooks, but they take up almost zero space, and thus, are superior storers.

If only there were a way to convert back and forth between the two.

Milo Yiannopoulos tried to stage a panel on "The Politics of Fur" at a furry convention. The organizers shut him down almost immediately.

"I would rather write nothing at all than propagandize for the world as is." Anne Boyer

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It's low-key blowing my mind how many cities are independently organizing for the in Pakistan (21).

Climate change is not a mainstream issue here. It's barely present in our political discourse. 3 months ago, I was worried we'd even be able to pull off a big enough strike in Karachi, our largest city. This map gives me a lot of hope.

Spent an hour or so today devolving the design of a site I've been working on. The more polished design made me feel obligated to keep a regular posting cadence, and just the thought of keeping up with that had me thinking about dropping the entire project. Tearing it down to something close to plain text takes off some of the pressure.

Russia is prepping to block some European email providers — ostensibly over failure to help with emailed bomb threats, but the more likely the reason is they want to make encrypted email unusable within the Federation.

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@lrhodes AND they auto add meta tags so RSS readers can find them without having to hunt for the link.

I don't have much use for WordPress anymore, but one thing I still admire about it is that it automated RSS feed implementation. Just about every WordPress site you come across has multiple feeds, whether or not the admin gave any thought to syndication, and you can find them using a predictable URL structure.

That's Good For the Culture.Ⓡ

I know that instances can block other instances, but is there a way to *mute* an instance at the account level?

Seems like that would be a useful feature.

Dating myself a bit here, but I must have listened to Star a billion times when I was a schoolkid. That album left permanent marks on my brain.

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Enamored with these old demos of the songs from the first Belly album, surfaced in memory of Apache Studios' Joe Harvard. Really plays up the raw, stormy, neo-romantic character of Tanya Donelly's songwriting.

The anxieties that bubbled up around are a reminder that fediverse protocols have developed as solutions to one particular set of concerns (like platform centralization) while leaving other concerns (like the right to obscurity) potentially more urgent.

"Eco-hardcore, more explicitly than any other musical genre, is grappling head-on with the absurd and apocalyptic realities of the Anthropocene."

Just made the mistake of checking in on's federated timeline, and hoo boy, has the far right got a platform there.

Apple has updated tracking policy for WebKit. Safari will now try to block all covert and cross-site tracking. Non-consensual tracking will now be treated as akin to hacking. No tolerance, no exceptions.

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Hi, I'm Amanda, I'm new! I'm an illustrator working in Chicago, mostly looking for more excuses to draw skeletons. I'm available for work! My portfolio is illustration.amandaleefranck.c , I post lots on
#VisibleWomen #introductions
I'm also half of this gentle secret museum podcast:

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