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If, as seems likely, its 200,000 eligible voters decide for independence from Papua New Guinea on Saturday, Bougainville would begin negotiations to become the world's newest nation.

So is the truck INSIDE the big silver box?

Under shady circumstances, ISOC has sold the .org registry to a private equity firm and removed the cap on price increases for a TLD used primarily by non-profit groups.

Amnesty International: Data collection by the corporate giants of the internet represent a systemic threat to human rights.

The critical contradiction at the heart of the "Deep State" conspiracy theory is that they have nothing to point to but the bureaucracy, which they desperately need because the bureaucratic state is the source of nearly all of the domestic power available to the presidency.

Sad to report that I am once again rethinking the way that I blog.

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Published a "Nutrition" page for GrimGrains, for daily nutritional needs as well as how to better absorb vitamins in foods.
Will update it often.

A choice of economies: Acquire diverse types of stocks, spreading out the risk by hiding each nut in a different location, or build a castle of pine cones and scream obscenities at anyone who passes by?

Rad roundup of mostly electronic releases influenced by the classical Japanese tradition of Gagaku.

Is anyone on here running Solid?

If so, what do you use it for? What's your experience been like? Has it been worth the effort?

A wide-ranging interview with Donna Haraway, covering the span of her early career, up through "The Cyborg Manifesto."

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Me: I was joking about writing plays a while ago, but maybe I actually should

My Mind: Don't be ridiculous... you have no experience writing dialogue


1. Saute one diced YELLOW ONION in 1tbl of OLIVE OIL until golden.

2. Add one ~14oz can of CRUSHED TOMATOES, breaking apart with a wooden spoon as they cook.

3. A tsp of CUMIN or OREGANO would not go amiss here.

4. Once the color begins to deepened, add 1cp BLACK BEANS, 1cp RED or PINTO BEANS, 1/2cp LIMA or chopped GREEN BEANS. Lower temp.

5. Simmer until most of the liquid is cooked off.

6. Stir in 1/2cp frozen CORN. Salt and pepper to taste.

Serve over rice.

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Can anyone help me remember the name/url of that blog with the evolved 90s design, e.g. paragraphs with different justifications, dithered backgrounds, 16-bit folder icons, etc?

me: listen, we've been over this before. you've seen the calculations. you know how much coffee is too much coffee.

also me: yes but <fidgets distractedly>

thinking about getting a little hotplate for outside so I can pickle stuff without stinking up the kitchen hashtag survivalism

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