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Had some rosemary that was starting to go bad, so I stripped the bottom inch and stuck them in a potter, and now my three goth children have already taken root.

At the same time, it's a "Recommended" extension, which is supposed to mean that Firefox has vetted it for security purposes, so hmm… 🤨

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Was about to install and add-on in Firefox when I noticed that the publisher's only other add-on is a crypto currency ticker, so hmm… 🤔

I don't normally post YouTube links, but this seems like a worthwhile exception. Deutsches Archäologisches Institut
presents: The Invention of the Trousers.

I'm not gonna edit those last two messages. It's important that everyone see what running a ttrpg does to your brain. I should be fine by morning. (+2 Thought)

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There's an element of extreme storytelling to it. You're trying to hold together a rough narrative while people throw plot twists at you, and the success of any given narrative arc can hinge on whether a the roll of a di comes up 2 or 12 or 20. Writing ahead only gets you so far, and more often than not, it's a waste of time and an opportunity for your players or chance to break everything you've pieced constructed.

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Refereeing a ttrpg is a process of thinking far enough ahead so that your preparations for the next session sketch out a broad range of possibilities, then holding on by the skin of your teeth for two or three hours while your players and the dice put their full combined weight into a running leap against the limits of those possibilities, then sitting back for a week to think about where the next session might go from there.

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What poll answer do you always hope you're voting for?

The actual Automator steps I've used may seem a little roundabout — can't Pandoc convert directly from a URL in the Terminal? — but I've written it this way to address two hitches:

1) Some pages timeout when you use access them directly from the terminal via Pandoc; and

2) Not all browsers support Automator services.

Making a general service lets you run it as a copy and paste procedure, no matter what browser you're using.

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Here's the Automator script I set up to convert webpages into epub docs for easier reading. If you want to streamline that process in OSX, use these steps:

1. Open Automator and start a new Service.

2. Copy these steps from the pic into the new service and save it.

3. Open your system preferences and go to Keyboards > Shortcuts > General.

4. Check the box beside the name of your new service and assign it a shortcut.

Now you can use that shortcut to bring up the convertor any time.

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Some very intriguing titles in the latest issue of Cosmos and History, if cosmology and ontology are your idea of a good time. (Open Access, PDF)

Spent my pre-planning trying to figure out how to dovetail some plot elements I've been stringing along for a few sessions, and as soon as tonight's session started, my players made a string of dubious decisions and unpredictable dice rolls that set up the convergence by taking us off my expected track. Natural 1s and 20s all over the place. Best part (so far) of reffing a game is the synchronicity.

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Using Pandoc to pull open access articles from Springer and Project Muse and convert them to epub works pretty well, too, btw. Some of the presses that host their own journals, too, e.g. UC Press. Not much use on Jstor, though. Pandoc can't convert directly from PDF.

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Presumably this works with other sites, too, but the SEP has well-formed HTML, which makes for less glitchy output, and it's articles tend to be dense, which makes them particularly suitable for reading on an ereader.

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You can grab entries directly from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and print them to epub using Pandoc.

pandoc -o output.epub [url]

Very convenient for when you want to read a long entry.

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BREAKING: ICANN has voted to REJECT the sale of the .ORG registry to private equity firm Ethos Capital. This is a major victory for the millions of nonprofits, civil society organizations, and individuals who make .ORG their home online. #SaveDotOrg

Just found out about CSS feature queries — e.g. @supports (initial-letter:3) — and phew, that's nice.

Not as nice as all browsers supporting the same style standards, but I'm not greedy.

I suspect that the loaf of rye sourdough that's now cooling on my counter will be edible, no thanks to SOMEBODIES. *glares at yeast*

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Two loafs in, and I'm pretty sure this package of yeast is dead or close to it.

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