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Some notes on that chart:

• The figure to focus on is the 7-day moving average, marked in orange.

• That last section is the 14-day window — the period during which data is most in flux — so points in the last two weeks are subject to go up. Unless there are major errors, they rarely go back down.

• Don't be fooled by the plunge in the last 7-8 days. Those points are built on relatively little data and will almost certainly increase as they get closer to the 14 day mark.

Pitch: A social media platform where new accounts get 10 free posts, but every post thereafter must be earned by boosting other people's posts.

Just found out about CSS feature queries — e.g. @supports (initial-letter:3) — and phew, that's nice.

Not as nice as all browsers supporting the same style standards, but I'm not greedy.

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The latest edition of the Verification Handbook for Disinformation and Media Manipulation is out now for free.

If I had the ability to do organizational tasks every day, I wouldn't be in the market for a system.

Journalism as we now conceive it is the result of a set of conditions favorable to the libertarian model that sustained it in the latter half of the 20th century. Preserving public service journalism in the 21st may mean embracing the previously verboten.

I am posting this here mostly to see how many of you immediately go out and learn classical Chinese.

Think I may need to put down To the Finland Station for a bit. Between the weather, the impeachment trial, some medical stuff, the weather, and a lot of climate writing I've been working through, I think the history of socialism might be one burden too many on my psychic health.

What if we collectively decide that we just… don't want 5G?

A choice of economies: Acquire diverse types of stocks, spreading out the risk by hiding each nut in a different location, or build a castle of pine cones and scream obscenities at anyone who passes by?

Starting to think I may have dreamed this.

I believe that we're on the verge of passing the window of opportunity where the sort of broad structural changes that could prepare us for fundamental changes in the environment can still be made voluntarily. Not everything in our technological culture is going to be feasible once we reach the other side, and the parts that can be saved are those that we have the foresight to reconfigure for the likeliest forms of scarcity.

"Eco-hardcore, more explicitly than any other musical genre, is grappling head-on with the absurd and apocalyptic realities of the Anthropocene."

Had a slight mosquito problem on my balcony, so I planted some lemon balm and lavender. I was a little skeptical, but I haven't seen a mosquito out there since, so guess it works!

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these guidelines for making videogames more accessible could apply to all sorts of UI/UX design when you consider games as a subset of human-facing software

Anyone aware of FOSS/libre-based software for setting up a search engine?

*Search*, mind you; *not* metasearch.

I think I've decided I don't like sencha, but I'm open to suggestions for how to prepare/drink it that might change my mind.

About a third of the way in, and so far, this has a strong Houellebecq vibe, if that appeals to you. Like if The Elementary Particles leaned more heavily into sci-fi.

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