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Researchers theorize that a burst of mega-henge construction in southern Britain around 2,500 BC may have been a "last hurrah" to reassert neolithic culture against the arrival of continental populations.

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Clover ☘️

For centuries, it's been used as a domesticated ground cover plant. Clover nourishes other plants around it, by making trace minerals accessible and by fixing nitrogen from the air (it's a type of legume).

Just a few decades ago, it was considered an essential part of lawns. Clover seeds were always included with grass in seed mixes.

Then agricultural chemical companies convinced everyone it was a weed that needed to be killed, so they could sell both herbicides and lawn fertiliser.

Been vaguely thinking I should revisit the Grail Cycle lately. Maybe this is a sign?

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Anyone know of an iOS Japanese dictionary app that lets you draw a kanji character and gives you back the translation?

Unintentional authorial/Arthurian theme in my current reading.

You can grow clean, edible oyster mushrooms on used diapers. Doing so improves ambient air quality and reduces by 70% the mass of what would otherwise be a major component of landfills— 85% if you remove the plastic covering.

The Carboniferous wood matter that escaped decomposition was eventually transmuted into coal. Common sense, then, that releasing that carbon, the storage of which led to global cooling more than 290 million years ago, would contribute to global warming now.

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An interesting perspective shift: "As plant life bloomed [in the Carboniferous era], the jostle for light intensified, and plants grew taller to reach it. The taller they became, the greater their need for structural support. Wood was plants' answer to this problem."

It also led to a climate crisis: the Carboniferous rainforest collapse. Wood production sucked so much carbon out of the atmosphere that the planet cooled. They needed decomposition to offset all of that carbon storage.

I really identify with flightless birds just not doing the liberating and awe-inspiring thing their whole species is known for doing.

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Since @lrhodes just recently suggested that there should be a feature to hide inaccessible posts, and @gemlog reminded me today that folks might not even realize their names and toots might be hard for some people to read unless they are told, I guess it is my duty now to write another round of educational posts.
Hmm, this isn't really my area of expertise ... maybe I should just go find some old one and reboost?
Nah, let's do this.
In this thread, I'll list a couple suggestions for #Accessibility adjustments you can do to help out people who are #Blind, #VisuallyImpaired, or those who for other reasons use a #ScreenReader. Boosts appreciated!

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The imperial boomerang or Foucault's boomerang is the thesis that governments that develop repressive techniques to control colonial territories will eventually deploy those same techniques domestically against their own citizens.

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New research explores the possibility that knee cartilage is more adaptable than previously thought, and that, far from causing arthritis, running may make it stronger.

And here's the paper:

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anyway, here's a tutorial I've been working on recently about Inform 7 (a commonly used language for making interactive fiction):

it takes a somewhat unusual(?) route through the material, showing you how to implement your own actions, properties and relations before showing you how to use the built-in stuff (like "take lamp" and "go north"). I think this approach makes it easier to understand how Inform's syntax and the standard rules/world model actually work

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Did an abysmal job with my weekend habit of catching up on RIL articles from this week.


Ran across this weirdo pieboy while walking the dog. Tried to move that leaf out of the way for the shot, but it embedded in the shroom. Second pick is if some nearby friends. Possibly earlier stage of the same variety?

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