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So, anyway, I'm in the market for a new, short history of the Renaissance, if anyone's got any favorites to recommend.

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It's also the last straw when it comes to reading Paul Johnson in general. I've got a copy of his History of Christianity that I had started, put down, and was planning on coming back to eventually, but this cements for me that the parts I found dubious in my initial reading are characteristic of him as an author and historian.

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Okay, well, that about does it for my patience with Paul Johnson's The Renaissance: A Short History.

Having played a session, one aspect of Dungeon World that I like but didn't fully appreciate from reading the rules is that GMs do very little dice rolling. The only time I rolled dice the entire session was to determine how much damage was done by an enemy attacker. Instead, player actions trigger GM "Moves," and the twists and turns of play emerge primarily from the decisions the GM makes in the course of playing those Moves. Which is interesting, but is going to take some practice to do well.

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Fascinating clip: How bridges were constructed during the 14th century.

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A switch has silently been flipped in millions of instances of #Google #Chrome: those browsers will begin sorting their users into groups based on behavior, then sharing group labels with third-party trackers and advertisers around the #web.

#privacyMatters #tracking #privacy #ads #browser

Had this elephant ear pal (Alocasia x amazonica) for a couple of months, and I'm just now finding out that new leaves emerge as tamales.

There's all sorts of interesting things in Dungeon World, from the GM POV. As a player, though, I think I'd be frustrated with how generic it is as a setting. By design, of course! It's meant to be a flexible PbtA alternative to standard D&D.

My plan is to run the basic version for a short campaign so that we can all get a feel for it, then inject some specific atmosphere, either with an expansion or my own modifications.

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Shout out to Burning Wheel for packaging an epub version of the book with the Dungeon World PDF.

Why in the hell would Google Authenticator need access to my camera?

Hmm. My WriteFreely instance appears to have stopped federating. I wonder why?

Are there best practices when it comes to punctuation in alt text? For example, are semicolons a hassle for people who rely on screen readers? Is less punctuation better? Trying to use alt texts consistently, but I also want to optimize it for the readers who really rely on it.

I dragged my heels upgrading to Reeder 5, but I've really warmed to some of the features, e.g. Pocket integration.

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nature, body horror 

Some truly wild research (with video!) into Elysia marginata, a species of sea slug observed to decapitate itself and grow a new body, possibly to rid itself of parasites:

politics, climate change 

"We have the means to halt soil loss and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, but we need policies that enable farmers to adopt new practices."

"1. Tell artists there’s a gusher of free money!
2. They need to buy into crypto to get the gusher of free money.
3. They become crypto advocates, and make excuses for proof-of-work and so on.
4. A few artists really are making life-changing money from this!
5. You probably won’t be one of them."

Required reading for anyone curious about cryptoart:

If this is all true, then it sure looks like the Beeple sale was designed to inflate the price of crypto assets already held in partnership by both Beeple and his buyer:

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