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Here's a 1991 Soviet Russian version of Lord of the Rings.


Earth may have been wholly encased in ice not once, but twice. Recently discovered cave formations and fossilized filaments may be evidence that fungi contributed to a flood of oxygen after the second thaw set the stage for the Cambrian explosion.

Hmm. Not sure I'm going to get quite as much use out of this reminder app if it's no longer possible to mark an item done from the lock screen.

"I decided that without mythology, spirituality and a real serious examination of what kind of religion had been fed to us, we would never get out of this mire. And that's when I decided we should have a coven."

Shout out to these little bumblebee/butterfly/lobsterbutt dudes.

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Yesterday was the one year anniversary of me pursuing this direction with my art, so I thought it'd be nice to reference the first piece with this one. Thanks for following along so far!


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"Listen, nobody fools me five times in a row!"

A new Facebook update blocks watchdog groups from auditing at scale what's happening on the platform by attaching junk code to HTML features meant to improve accessibility for visually impaired users.

Well, I've named my image layers, so I must be pretty serious about this project I've started.

Had some cherry tomatoes and mushrooms that were in danger of going bad on me, so I dug up this recipe, and now I'm recommending it to you. Delicious (even without the dill, which I didn't have).

How Disney's intense focus on wringing maximum value out of legacy IP led to the dominance of franchises at the box office and recast studio executives as the auteurs of the current scene.

Rainy Sunday. Ideal for designing games and laying out 'zines.

Technology education should be structured to move students as quickly as possible past "it's cool how this works" to "what are the consequences?"

I'm going to live with it a little longer first, but if it still feels this comfortable after a week or two, I may go ahead and get a second one. Maybe the red.

Or the green.

Or the black.

I don't know.

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