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"[O]ur consumption is not optimized for doing harm, and so by making different consumption choices, we can avoid at most the modest amount of harm we’d be otherwise causing; by contrast, when donating we can choose whichever action best reduces the harm we care about."

Gonna start slapping stickers on my notebooks so that I feel less precious about them. The more ridiculous the better.

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I'm looking for large Zine archives.
Mostly lesser known Zines.

Does anyone have any archives they keep of Zines?

I'm on a downloading spree :3

Listened to this 99% Invisible episode earlier today: and the conclusion they keep dancing around but never quite articulating is that modern search is a mess because pagerank as a metric creates really perverse incentives—especially if the company providing search results also makes money by serving ads to the sites that make up those results.

I find it a little odd that the tech industry has produced folding screens for smartphones — where, arguably, they serve no purpose — but not for ebooks, where a folding layout would reproduce some of the functionality of print books (e.g. the two-page spread) that's lost by reduction to a single, portrait-oriented screen.

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New kind of guy: customer holding up the Starbucks line by reading off a blocκchain address when the barista asks what name they should put on the cup.

A deftly written story about one of the ways that art goes to work on its audience:

uspol: Georgia elections 

"But the systemic, and I would say sustainable, approach has been missing, and what is more concerning to me is that the solutions are often premised on leveraging the poverty, as opposed to solving the poverty. Meaning, that Georgia often touts economic development coming to the state by saying you don't have to pay fair wages…"

I wish every Georgian (and especially rural voters) would follow this series of interviews with Stacey Abrams:

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Russia, Ukraine 

Vladimir Kara-Murza: "Time and again, regimes in my homeland, whether tsarist, Soviet or Putinist, have launched wars for domestic political reasons – like the current one in Ukraine. And time and again, these campaigns have had the exact opposite effect than hoped for by those who waged them."

"Interregnum" is Latin for "going through a weird bit."

One of the grossest forms of techno-capitalist exploitation, to my mind, are the laptops that companies give to schools at a reduced price in exchange for permission to covertly collect and use student data. So many breaches of consent involved.

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Does anyone know a good intro book/text to meditation? The best I found was the meditation chapther of the Altered States of Consciousness reader by Charles T. Tart, but I would love to read more about the many different techniques and schools of meditation.

uspol: extemism data 

You can use the interactive map on this page to see how many elected officials, law enforcement personnel, military members, and/or first responders in your state showed up on a leaked list of Oath Keepers membership:

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like, you'll be reading some github page. and it'll be like "hey, i've made this little tool to keep track of my recipes" and then you scroll down and it's like "The easiest way to get started with RecipeBook Framework on Windows is to download and install Recipes4all4windows, which creates a virtual cookery environment in the root of the C: drive. Once you verify your credentials, spin up the built-in webserver and access the terminal. Soon you'll be ready to instantiate a Data Cluster,

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I'm building a new thing for the Distributed 'Net, and I'd love company!

Cavern is a new journaling protocol focused on user agency, with end-to-end encryption and local-first design at its core. It has a social model intended to restore some chill to online communication, embracing non-public posting and manageably small social spaces. Check out <> for a rundown and links to code and discussion spaces!


Semi-regular reminder: The single best way to ensure discoverability and kismet on the Fediverse is to be generous about boosting and promoting other people.

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