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Hi everyone, I'm so excited to join the Merveilles instance. :)

I'm Luca. I live in San Francisco, but I was born and raised in Italy.

Design, code, and music shaped who I am. I'm currently Design Systems Lead at Netflix, and I used to play drums in the metalcore band Upon This Dawning.

Four core principles I believe in: clarity, awareness, inclusion, and evolution.

I've had two very, very rough couple of weeks at work. I'm really craving some time to climb, and work on personal projects.

Damn, I'd be enthusiast to even clean the car. This tells you how overwhelmed I've been haha

An average of 40 minutes per day spent on my phone.

I made good progress on this, but I don't really know how to lower it even more!

I just published on Github: Alfred - Do Not Disturb.

It's an Alfred workflow to turn on/off macOS Do Not Disturb feature. 🤫

It uses do-not-disturb-cli, so a bit of experience in installing npm packages is needed (sorry!).

WOW! I didn't know Soulseek was still alive and kicking.

And... I was even able to remember my login and password, after more than a decade! :)

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@neauoire Your Übersicht widgets were main source of inspiration for this! I even put a small thanks in the readme :)

I just released Nero, a distraction-less alternative to the standard macOS menubar. 🖤

Nero is a collection of Übersicht widgets, and it also includes an Alfred theme.

It took me a bit of time to get this working, so I'll make this available to everyone!

I'm selling my Sony α7 II, with FE 28-70 mm F3.5-5.6 lens. It's like new!

Final price (not negotiable) is $900 + shipping cost (USA only). I'm ok in meeting in person too, if you live in the Bay Area.

For whoever is interested:

I didn't even notice that Sketch Styles Generator just reached 400 likes on Github!

It's not a massive number, but it's nice to see 400 people have found it useful. :)

Luca Orio boosted My brand new music video is out and i couldnt be happier! Check it out and share it a friend with peculiar music tastes =)

I just disabled the "Raise to Wake" feature on my iPhone.

Unwanted music/podcast skips and, even worse, plays have always created more annoyances than help. 🤔

I remember that day when, during a super serious meeting, I accidentally almost triggered a Mayhem song .... LOL 🤣

The past week I had some very rough days... I got sucked in a project at work, and thought about nothing else other than that. Literally nothing.

It's exciting stuff, but it's also the best way to burn out.

I already learned these lessons, and I'm going to tackle the upcoming week very differently :)

Blasting a bit of Carnifex before the Q1 Planning presentation. Good vibes. 🙏

I finally had the chance to work a bit more on my wiki/tracker! It's slow progress, but as I told myself a few weeks ago... "No deadlines".

Triangulum is a working title, I'm not sure it'll be the definitive one!

@tbd @electret @teknari For Mopidy installation process, just follow the official documentation.

Make sure to read the Python 2 vs 3 related note. I missed that, and lost a good 20 minutes of my life haha

@tbd @electret @teknari Below is a good link to get started.

Unfortunately, some areas are pretty buggy (installation included). Maintainers are not actively involved in this anymore, so we will have to wait for some bug fixes.

In the meantime, it's a cross-reference of various resources and googling to solve problems, based on your local environment.

The browsing of curated playlists (the ones published by Spotify itself), just doesn't work, for now. 😭

A friend of mine just released this amazing checklist of resources to improve privacy, and security.

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