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Hi everyone, I'm so excited to join the Merveilles instance. :)

I'm Luca. I live in San Francisco, but I was born and raised in Italy.

Design, code, and music shaped who I am. I'm currently Design Systems Lead at Netflix, and I used to play drums in the metalcore band Upon This Dawning.

Four core principles I believe in: clarity, awareness, inclusion, and evolution.

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"What I saw before the darkness" by AI Told Me
A neural network imagines a person. Then, one by one, neurons in the network are being switched off...

I just released a new version of Nero!

It now has a top bar (graphical, or text only) with no dependencies, and an optional bottom bar (a bit more opinionated).

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Hey all! I just launched a Patreon page for the Merveilles instance. I'm hoping to get enough funds to keep the instance going on its own, if possible. Feel free to become a patron if you like, any contribution you can make is much appreciated!

The amount of clutter in VSCode was unbearable.

So, I brutally injected a bunch of css and removed everything I don't need.

Then I started moving around and resizing other stuff. :D Now I'm *almost* satisfied!

I've always felt a bit in a rush to do my own stuff after leaving the office. Almost like I was running out of time, and the day about to end.

So, I created this little Übersicht widget that tells me how much time is remaining until bed.

It turns out I still have 50% of the day available in front of me once I stop working! Perception can be dangerous. :)

I just received in my mailbox some IOO⠛ - Hundred Rabbits stickers! :tealheart: :triangle:

They look amazing, thank you so much @neauoire @rek

Ok, with some copy/pasta this was easier than expected. But... There is now way I will investigate this further. LOL :'D

Does anyone know how to trim via cli this terminal output? I'd like to keep *just* the [playing]/[paused] info!

Just spent a couple of hours reviewing, and sending feedback to some young designers' portfolios. Feels good to be helpful :)

Quick reminder for myself, as I seem to always fall into the trap: do not debug anything after 8 pm.

Something seemed *impossible* to solve last night, and this morning it took me one simple hour to fix.

I've found myself checking out Merveilles more frequently than Twitter. I think it's a good sign :)

Just this year I've seen Lucca, Pasta Gina, Boccalone and (probably) Avedano all closing.

These were *my favorite* places in San Francisco. It's getting tough here, and who knows how all of this will end.

“This is unregulated capitalism, unbridled capitalism, capitalism run amok. There are no guardrails” - Marc Benioff.

How San Francisco broke America’s heart:\_term=.990a00709753

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Request for solidarity, boosts encouraged 

I do not know if this is true... But the inefficiency of some companies is just hilarious.

I charged $18,000 for a Static HTML Page -

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