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Hi everyone, I'm so excited to join the Merveilles instance. :)

I'm Luca. I live in San Francisco, but I was born and raised in Italy.

Design, code, and music shaped who I am. I'm currently Design Systems Lead at Netflix, and I used to play drums in the metalcore band Upon This Dawning.

Four core principles I believe in: clarity, awareness, inclusion, and evolution.

Every half a decade I usually have a cursed year. This was that year. And not just for me but also for other people I'm close to.

I'm missing you all and I hope to get back to Merveilles, at some point. :)

I *really* wish I could prevent new opened applications to steal the focus on macOS.

Sometimes the cold start is so slow that requires a triple cmd-tabbing!

Wow, the last episode of Kurzgesagt is one of the most beautiful shorts I've ever seen. :tealheart:

I got rid of my Tab60 and replaced it with my second Pok3r. I kept the same key caps as they’re damn expensive :D Excited to try those silent red switches!

Driving on I-280 from SF to San Jose is always a pleasurable experience.

In 3 years I got hit by 2 rocks, and a chair (?!). This time an unidentified object decided to leave worse damage… 😭

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Wow!!!! I didn't realize this happened, but we are now fully funded :D

To the patrons, thank you so, so much!

I remember playing a demo of this game. It was included in a cd-rom with other demos of Heretic, and Descent. Damn, it's gonna be tough to find its name haha

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I'm trying to remember the name of a videogame released in the mid-90ees, I think. Its gameplay was very similar to Wipeout/Star Wars Episode One. Some sort of space craft racing (on planet, not in space)... PC (DOS) only. Has anyone ever played this, and knows what I'm talking about? :D

I'm also consistently tracking my mood before, and after working on a specific task.

I'm glad to see the entry mood mirrors the exit one. It really is the best situation, IMO.

Way better than starting pissed/sad and finishing happy. And infinitely better than starting happy, and finishing pissed/sad. :)

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In the past three days I was able to work on personal stuff for eight (!) hours!

Considering I have a regular job, it's an unbelievable number haha

Done! It took me 2.5 hrs to:
- migrate from chunkwm to yabai
- fix config
- update dotfiles
- fix karabiner shortcuts via goku
- update nero widget

Next task on the list:
- proceed a bit with the sidebar of my wiki/site :)

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I finally got back to some personal work! I will start with some maintenance stuff: first thing on the list is replacing chunkwm with the new Yabai as my WM on macOS. :)

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Still chilling, still fu*king around. I will eventually get bored of this! :'D

Since I got back from vacation I've been really struggling to build some momentum with personal projects. Perhaps I chilled too much? :D

Damn, I'm sucking even at getting back to people, or browse socials! haha

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If you like our little instance, consider becoming a Patreon so we can keep it up and running :)


Just got back from vacation! Two weeks without internet nor work were exactly what I needed.

Wow, the instance has been on fire while I was away :)

It's happening! I'm finally leaving for vacation. :)

As for the past three years, it will be a digital detox too. No phone, no social, no internet, no email, no texts.

GPS, camera, Kindle, and electric toothbrush are the only technologies allowed.

See you all in a couple of weeks!

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