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Hi everyone, I'm so excited to join the Merveilles instance. :)

I'm Luca. I live in San Francisco, but I was born and raised in Italy.

Design, code, and music shaped who I am. I'm currently Design Systems Lead at Netflix, and I used to play drums in the metalcore band Upon This Dawning.

Four core principles I believe in: clarity, awareness, inclusion, and evolution.

I've finally managed to watch the second season of The OA. Wow, what a *crazy* series, I loved every second of it haha

Resize is another Sketch plugin I've improved over the past two days.

It now accepts %w/%h as variables, and its panel has been completely redesigned!
If you need to resize *lots* of layers via shortcut, this is for you :)

I made a very small boilerplate to start building Sketch plugins.

skpm is *amazing* (and I still use it), but I was sick of copy/pasting small things between projects.

It really is nothing exciting, but I'm tooting it in case anyone finds it useful :)

AKA: I got my shit together, and did some chores LOL

I don't use Sketch Styles Generator as much as I used to, but considering it's my most popular project on Github, I took a couple of hours and implemented a few new requests (and fixed some smaller issues, too). Feels niceeeee! 🎉

Are you obsessed like me, and always keep the volume level at an even number? :)

I love how ncmpcpp raises/lowers the volume by 2% increments. 1% is simply not an option. It plays very well with my OCD! :D

I'm getting old, and boring. I now have two entirely different mechanical keyboards, with exactly the same layout and keycaps. Top: Tab 60. Bottom: Pok3r

Mx Red Silent are still very linear, but the type feeling can be compared to a regular MX Red mounting a 50A o-ring dampener (the ones usually sold in translucent white).

Work in progress! ⌨️

Compared to the regular MX Red switches, the silent version has a slightly decreased key travel. It’s slightly “mushier” too, but not too much.

No dampeners needed anymore to reduce travel, or noise!

I'm looking for a js library that, given an array of shapes and their sizes:
- place them all in a grid
- separates them evenly with a gutter
- surface methods to retrieve their points and coordinates
- if a new element is pushed to the array in a specifics positions, the others rearrange accordingly

I'm not looking to render the stuff in html/canvas, I need raw data objects.

Does this already exist, or I have to write my own?

I just received the new Vortex Tab 60, with Cherry MX Silent Red. It’s wireless, but not backlit, unfortunately :(

It ships with some good dye sub PBT keycaps (DSA profile), but I can’t wait to replace all of them :tealheart:

Is it just me, or Mast got *incredibly" buggy? I can't really use it anymore, it's such a struggle.

Does anyone have some *good* resources, and instructions on how to build a mechanical keyboard from scratch?

I'm finally getting out of two of the most intense, complex, and demanding months of my work-life.

I'm glad I got to work on an amazing, bleeding edge initiative at work, and very satisfied with the results too...

However, I really missed my personal projects. And my time tracker now has a huge gap :) I can't wait to get back on track!

I wish I just went straight to sleep instead of triggering a `brew upgrade`........

The support provided by Sony, and BestBuy is obviously a copy/paste based, basic troubleshooting of no help. 🙄

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