Thanks for the supportive words on my last toot everyone! I was in the Hell Zone so it's good to see that I'm not actually losing my mind with this stuff.

Also trying to work more general exercises into my daily routine using sites like CodeWars but, once again, the googling seems relentless. Is this just the norm when starting out? Feeling discouraged.

I'm a web development newbie that's been coding for about 5 months. All in all I'm okay with where my skills are given the amount of time I've been studying, yet I can't help feel that I should be better with JS. I'm constantly googling methods and stackoverflow threads when working through projects. Everyone says project-based learning is key for retaining programming knowledge but I feel like I'm missing fundamentals. Do Anki decks work? Is it realistic to memorize all these methods? Tips?

@Merristasis hey do you have any vhs head on the neuvoids playlist? I feel you'd dig it

Blah. Feeling particularly foggy today. I need to leave the Midwestern US. Winters are awful.

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Hey Merveilles,

Does anyone have any tips on getting started doing contract work in the graphic design / webstuff space? My wife and I are looking into taking contract work, and we're entirely new to this space.

We just went through the trouble of making a Fiverr account, and so far using the site has been a travesty. I feel like I'm barking up the wrong tree.

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@0xxg4 absolutely. Search is not the best, tho, I suggest using

I found incredible music in there

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Software is post-scarcity tooling. Strip the paywalls; underneath they have always been a new order of labor-saving device, one that can be infinitely copied and infinitely shared. Rich promises live in its possibility; promises the rich have betrayed, possibilities they have squandered.

@Merristasis I was listening to your radio station while walking around this afternoon. That "You're Welcome" song by Darren Keen is ballistic.

Hmm, didn't do my weekly blog post today but felt it necessary to prioritize some other projects during my writing time. Accomplishments:

1. Wrote out four more bars of a new track in Renoise.
2. Played around with some new techniques in p5.js.
3. Applied for 4 jobs.

Overall not bad. Tomorrow I want to put a bit more energy into Renoise and maybe...erm...go outside.

I felt like I was pulling teeth making art in p5.js this week, but at least I got one image I like!

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I dream about the resurgence of "eating co-ops" membership based sliding scale not-for profit restaurants/social halls. Most of the ones I know about fizzled *before* the local food trend got into swing and the kind of high quality food we could make more widely accessible makes my mouth water.

On the plus side I made some more progress on a song I'm working on and it felt like the best thing I've created in a while. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you write a song you love.

Being underemployed sucks. I haven't felt the side effects of limited cash flow since I was in college 5 or 6 years ago. My biggest illness is a pervasive scheming that keeps me up at night: which jobs to apply for, which things I can monetize, what to do to make me more marketable, etc. When I was working my 9-5 job I was a very different kind of miserable. Not sure which is worse at this point.

At least this feels more honest. I felt I was play acting every day at the office.

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