Anyone here into Banana Yoshimoto? Never read her before until I recently picked up a copy of Lizard and I'm really enjoying it.

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In the post #coronavirus world, there's been an explosion of autonomous organizing + #mutualaid initiatives - which have all relied heavily on surveillance giants like Google + Facebook. But what alternatives exist if we're to leave big tech behind?

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@nothingwindsky the Anti-Psychiatry movement in the 1970s experimented with a bunch of different methods of #CoCounselling and #CircleWork (group therapy facilitated by the group not a professional therapist). Although #12Step groups tend to be thought of as a churchy thing these days, the founders of #AlcoholicsAnonymous - the original 12 step group - were strongly influenced by #anarchist philosophies:

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i pushed a tiny update that hides the menu bar on macintosh plus because it covered part of the view at that resolution.
nothing else was changed.

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"The passerelle is a bridge that turns any regular six string guitar into a twelve note instrument that can produce sounds reminiscent of the Japanese koto or the Chinese guzheng."

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robert palmer is extremely underrated, at least when it comes to his earlier r&b stuff. he did a pair of records—this one, Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley, in ’74, and Pressure Drop in ’75, his first two as a solo artist—with a backing band that was mostly members of Little Feat and the Meters. Both bands were at the peak of their form.

Both of those records are must-listens, even if you only know robert palmer for the 80s videos, if you like New Orleans r&b.


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Dithering images with a black and white design is cool. Also added a css noise on the whole screen.

More improvised drum patterns recording the in . As with the last demo I posted, most of the audio comes straight from the drum machine though there are some randomized LFOs in Renoise modifying filter, distortion, and delay params. Very happy with how this one is turning out so far: will finish it up by cutting up this pattern in the second half and playing synths over it.

"Material Daydream"

Revised final version. Made the colors softer. More of a mellow, matte paper effect.

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a ray of sunshine 

Covid-19/grocery stores 

Ack. Or maybe I'm using the save() function wrong with mongoose? Either way, totally stumped by this simple problem and the express/mongo docs aren't helping me much. 😞

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Any devs here who can shed some light on why my POST method isn't working as intended?


See lines 44-54 in server.js. I'm trying to create a new entry in my database, and when I test my server in RESTer the request goes through, but it never returns all of the new data on GET. I get the new id, but all of the other new data (title, tags, content) are missing. I feel like I'm calling the data variable wrong (line 44).

Untitled currently. Might play around a bit more with colors and add texture. Waiting.

Also haven't had cheese for a decade so I might be completely off the mark here. Either way it was yummy.

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Made a surprisingly convincing vegan bleu cheese with coconut chutney, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper.

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📙 Mary Beach, The Electric Banana & The Gothic Banana, 1966–69 (Recent puplisher:

Made of diary entries, trashy novels, catalogues, comic strips, magazines, overheard conversations, bits of pop songs …

“A flutter of wind tossed up the debris where all the mozzerfuckers lay basking in the sun hidden form the prying eyes of the Fungoid Police …”

Beach is one of the few female authors/artists from the circle of beat poets (Burroughs etc.)

#literature #cutup

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