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"Right now, all of the places we can assemble on the web in any kind of numbers are privately owned. And privately-owned public spaces aren’t real public spaces. They don’t allow for the play and the chaos and the creativity and brilliance that only arise in spaces that don’t exist purely to generate profit. And they’re susceptible to being gradually gaslighted by the companies that own them."

- #AnilDash

This album is flawless, imo. Ethereal, gothy synth pop for fans of Cocteau Twins, Disintegration-era The Cure, Angelo Badalamenti, etc. One of those records where my heart aches when I think of it living in relative obscurity.

The vocalist--Kennedy Ashlynn--has since started a solo project called SRSQ that's also pretty phenomenal. Big Liz Fraser vibes.

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Still simple on day 2 of learning, but deriving the greatest pleasure building these little things. It's so fun tinkering with the lights and bringing the structures slowly to life.

I never made miniatures as a kid, but I bet I would have liked it! This feels similar. Or like adult Legos.

Woody Guthrie - I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore

"The gambling man is rich, and the working man is poor."

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Storygraph doesn't seem to have all my favourite books in it and gives the impression I might not have read a book since graduating from secondary school. So I'm fixing that by sharing my #TopTenBooks that have really stayed with me. These are books whose ideas have left a mark on my thoughts and values.

Finally sitting down and taking the time to actually learn Blender this week. I could zone out for hours building these little melt-y structures. Great software.

Started learning C++ today. Hoping to get my hands on a cheap used copy of Lippman's C++ Primer. Screen fatigue. Let me know if you have any other introductory book recommendations on the topic.

Seeking design inspiration in the form of minimalist architectural photography. I'm thinking distinct angles/jagged edges, bauhaus, constructivism, etc. Anyone have a good site or a directory I can explore?

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I bought two 1999 books collecting "The Best Work from the Web." It made me miss that time online.

Nowadays, if you manage to find a private website, most of the time it will just use a CMS theme or be some wix/squarespace "paint-by-numbers" thing.

I miss that explosion of creativity we had - people were exploring a new medium, it was uncharted territory, there were no rules. Nowadays everything feels so "optimized" and bland.

I am glad for the merveilles webring - your websites give me life.

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♻️ how to discover the "small web"…

For search engines, there's for small webpages, and someone posted on HN (this one omits the top websites and returns smaller ones).

And there's also, an excellent human-crated directory.

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