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WIP. Might be stuck inside most days but at least I can go to outer space with .

Flashing lights/cacophonous alien content 

Sound collage built in Pure Data. Animation is mostly Blender with a sprinkle of p5.

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@rezmason if you really want to see an exercise in simplicity in programming this kind of thing, check out usborne's "Write Your Own Edventure Programs" childrens books
(available as pdfs if you search around. e.g. )

almost literally like what you describe- about 200 lines of basic that are mostly just if / then statements checking for conditions.

Thinking tonight about how Synth1 is the most iconic VST.

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If you can manage it, learning new things for their own sake and not for any expected utility is both more fun and more enlightening. It encourages a deeper exploration of a topic than you might otherwise perform, and opens up new pathways in your mind that were previously hidden to you.

Anyone listened to this album? Hearing notes of Tom Waits, Coil, and weirder Kate Bush. Probably one of my favorite things to stumble upon recently.

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"Fractured Dominion"

3d loop set to a pure data patch sampling a vintage drum machine.

As a sidenote, Stazma's Shapeshifter album is a banger.

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Recording my laptop with a phone like a mad man. Live coded video synthesis with Hydra. Music is "Compu1" by Stazma.

Morning generative jam. Orca x Renoise.

This is a really simple patch that controls 10 randomized drum loops and two instances of Massive. In Renoise I have a bunch of LFOs set-up that modify filter, bit crush, and delay. It's rough in parts but I could zone out for several hours playing around with the foundation of this one.

"A Concealed Diversion"

Another looping scene set to generative audio from Pure Data.

The rotating texture outside of the window is a partly translucent plane with a BRIGHT light shining through. Backlit projection. Makes the scene feel a bit like an old movie set in my opinion.

Giving up on Pynchon. I see the appeal but his voice irritates me. Plus I'm just not in the mood for it. Picked up Murakami's Killing Commendatore and Knausgård's My Struggle Book Two to read instead.

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