@Merristasis I was listening to your radio station while walking around this afternoon. That "You're Welcome" song by Darren Keen is ballistic.

Hmm, didn't do my weekly blog post today but felt it necessary to prioritize some other projects during my writing time. Accomplishments:

1. Wrote out four more bars of a new track in Renoise.
2. Played around with some new techniques in p5.js.
3. Applied for 4 jobs.

Overall not bad. Tomorrow I want to put a bit more energy into Renoise and maybe...erm...go outside.

I felt like I was pulling teeth making art in p5.js this week, but at least I got one image I like!

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I dream about the resurgence of "eating co-ops" membership based sliding scale not-for profit restaurants/social halls. Most of the ones I know about fizzled *before* the local food trend got into swing and the kind of high quality food we could make more widely accessible makes my mouth water.

On the plus side I made some more progress on a song I'm working on and it felt like the best thing I've created in a while. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you write a song you love.

Being underemployed sucks. I haven't felt the side effects of limited cash flow since I was in college 5 or 6 years ago. My biggest illness is a pervasive scheming that keeps me up at night: which jobs to apply for, which things I can monetize, what to do to make me more marketable, etc. When I was working my 9-5 job I was a very different kind of miserable. Not sure which is worse at this point.

At least this feels more honest. I felt I was play acting every day at the office.

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I used the cold Sunday to work on the January issue of my link blog "Der Groschen". The site should be online by the end of the month.

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Went through the Hydra book today after a long hiatus. I picked up a new techniques & plan to go deeper naotohieda.com/blog/hydra-book

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In the last few weeks I have been thinking again and again about whether I should start a Master's degree this year or not. My motivation would be to get to know new people and to use my free time for interesting projects. Actually, I can have that without the study, the study would only give me a kind of structure for it. In the course of the day I found an article that encouraged me to organize my education myself.


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I'm taking a course on temporal design & critical time studies this semester and it's really interesting! It's about how social factors affect how we perceive, define & act on time, and how time is political, eg. how colonialism has imposed their time on indigenous cultures.

It's my first discussion-based class, so I'm looking forward to learning a lot!

Here's a sneak peek from the introduction of "Timing Canada: The Shifting Politics of Time in Canadian Literary Culture"

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I like this a lot. Whenever I get rejected by smaller companies, I wish I had the oportunity to show them more of who I am before they reject me based off of a PDF.

Is framework brain where you neglect the easiest solution because you're SO hell-bent on using something like React?

Ah! I'm feeling so inspired today but I don't work as fast as my mind would like. I need to remain patient. Slow and steady.

Next creative project I'd like to play around with after I get done with some of the by-the-numbers income-oriented stuff I'm doing today: generative fonts/typography. If anyone has cool links pertaining to the topic, feel free to send it my way. :)

I wish that one audio production trend where a vocal line gets chopped and rhythmically resampled/pitch shifted up and down all over the place would stop. It's been going strong for years.

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I fell into a rabbit hole of a book over the weekend, and I can't recommend it enough to people interested in type design and online publishing.


The website is an absolutely gorgeous read too.


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