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I love pixel/low-poly/ascii art although I'm terrible at making it. I enjoy really bitter drinks and coffee. I run a virtual pub at I have a thing for Geocities/Web 1.0 aesthetic, and offer free static hosting on My latest project,, is a place to share our current status. Excited to be part of the town. :)

The site (and all my other projects) were down for the past 24 hours, so sorry for the disruption. :(

More Wobbles have been added thanks to the incredible art of @Neonriser (thank you!) -

New Wobble eggs have been found! New wobbles will hatch from 2 different evolution tree. Thank you neonriser for the art! -

Been having some spam issues on, but thankfully it allowed me to put better systems in place. :) Now possible to add html + css on your Wobble's page, and full statuses are shown on the homepage.

Simplified quite a few things on! Added a simple way to embed your Wobble to your site, and updated the manual. :)

Introducing...! A strange little place amidst Dusk's End, where pixelated creature seem to have settled.

What are your favorites no (or little) css websites?

really enjoying Much better than me sending myself emails with things to do!

I've been having fun building, a tool to collect responses from forms static websites.

One of my favorite editor when I'm on remote machines is mg. Tiny emacs-like editor with most out of the box features.

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I love that cookies are disabled by default on dillo

Had lots of fun working on the last few weeks. Besides lots of refactoring, I've added support for error/flash messages, ability to delete users from the admin, link to the last post of a topic when clicking on a date, and an atom feed.

The repository is a mess currently but should look better soon!

Just added a "posts" view on to see all recent posts regardless of the topic.

Added footers & headers to! It's slowly starting to take shape. :)

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