I got this small corner of the attic finished so I can start working in here. The danger is I'll neglect the rest, or the opposite: neglect work and spend too much time fitting up the rest of the space.


@oppen got it! I'm all day on my raspberry pi :) gave my macbook to my gf for hacking frontend, react etc. We have this super old samsung notebook will probably give linux a spin on it

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@oppen nice! just today i've stumbled over the armor case and I was wondering if the heat pipe will be enough to clock it to 1,5ghz/2ghz.

@madewithtea yeah, I had a look around after Devine replied - I like the built-in soft shutdown. I remember in the Pi 1 days buying a switch and writing a script to do that (after a bad experience with a corrupt SDCard)

@oppen Not sure if the soft shutdown works, if you mean a toggle triggers a shutdown with final shut off the hardware.

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