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I spend my time creating conceptual illustrations & animations, building online tools, and writing on my blog.


Based in Malmรถ, Sweden.

"If you donโ€™t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs."
โ€” Tony Gaskin.

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Iterate and reiterate until everything is beautifully simple and simply beautiful

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Universal method for solving large problems:

1) Split
2) Filter
3) Map
4) Join

๐Ÿ•ทTIL Spiders don't have muscles in their legs. They extend them using a system of hydraulics powered by their blood pressure. When they die, spiders' legs curl up because the blood pressure is gone.

Looking for an ultraslim vegan wallet. Eyeing this one. Do you have any recommendations?

At the , finally adding some syntax-highlighting to o-o.

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Created a timeline that shows the maintenance lifeline of everything I worked on these past 12 years.

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This is the talk I mentioned yesterday about Vim, Tmux, and going mouseless @cblgh

Fully embracing a monochromatic profile image.

Can anyone recommend a good truly dark theme for Vim? I'm Looking for something similar to Styrokai++ (which I use in VS Code).

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