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Like to think of myself as a toy maker latelly.
I'm building a house with earth and trying to bootstrap an edible forest around it.
Learning c and absolutely tired of the web, the market, the "you have to build your brand".
Glad to be here. Thanks @neauoire and @chirrolafupa !

(sorry about the edit. forgot the tag🤦‍♂️ )

Individual action about climate change isn't about saving the world with what I do or freeing politicians and rich people from taking action. It is about beeing coherent. I can't be more powerless and dumb if my rebelion consist in blaming big actors while I'm beeing part of the game without questioning my role in it.

I think it's impossible to make any real change outside without transforming first owns life.

@chirrolafupa quiero facilitarte todo lo posible cualquier crítica o revisión y al mismo tiempo evitar generarte ruido con la iniciativa.
Entiendo que estás haciendo un trabajo titánico (y hermoso) con el tutorial y lo último que quiero es abrumarte con algo extra que no pediste.

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Traducción del día 1 del tutorial uxn completa! :D
No traduje nada del código y seguramente falten correcciones, pero la cosa avanza.
@chirrolafupa te parece que lo suba a pachapunk temporalmente como borrador y luego decidimos dónde publicarlo o prefieres una pr al repo?

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it's always open for suggestions and improvements :)

and if you are liking the series, consider joining others in supporting compudanzas!


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@chirrolafupa > looking at the devices table from the uxnemu reference, we can see that the device with address 1 in the
high BYTE is the console (standard input and output), and that the column with address 8 corresponds to "

isn't it the high nibble?

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Is anyone out there involved in a mutual aid tool sharing library, current or past? I'm talking with some folks about organizing one and we have some logistical questions. (please boost!)

Outline: translated.
First day: 20%

time to start making the vegan cheesse for the pizzas

to be continued...

@chirrolafupa Me dió el ataque de tomar la posta de traducir/compartir todo lo que pueda de las maravillas que compartimos aquí todos los días y de las que no encuentro similares en nuestro idioma. Tal vez esa sea la manera de iniciar una comunidad hispanohablante con una búsqueda que nos resuene.

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@chirrolafupa Me tomé el atrevimiento de clonar compudanzas y empezar a traducir, de a poquito en termux, el worckshop de uxn. Lo cual me llevó además a notar que es necesario traducir la documentación original.
Voy a ir compartiendo de a poco para revición y ya veremos dónde resulta mejor subir todo el material traducido.

@chirrolafupa Trató de ser una sugerencia pero temo que quedó imperativo.
Perdón si es así. En algún momento debería aprender inglés más formalmente.

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@chirrolafupa The fact that a vector is a kind of interrupt handler and you make it listen by writing its addres to the device/vector subtag took a little while to click in my mind. Once it did, everything became crystal clear and freed myself from attempting infinite loops.

It may be clearly stated upfront to clarify interaction dynamics.

Drawing with the mouse in uxn today! :D
It's not world domination but I'm preety happy about it.
Thanks again @chirrolafupa and @neauoire for all the help.
This will be a lot of permacomputing fun :tealheart:

Let me bother with some silly uxn questions:
1.- Do I need an infinite loop to listen to, for example, mouse events?
2.- Wich is the idiomatic way of doing it?
3.- What does BRK do?
4.- Where is it needed?
5.- What hapens if I declare a sublabel and there is no previous label?

Thanks a lot in advance :tealheart:

Manged to put a pixel on uxnemu screen today :)
Is uxntal for dummies hitting libraries any time soon?

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frankly i think cis people should go get their gender markers changed to X en masse so we can just get rid of the field in 5 or 10 years

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Fascinating paper on collaborative microbial transport:

Conidia (nonmotile asexual fungal spores) of the fungus Aspergillus fumigatus are carried by the swarming bacterium Paenibacillus vortex. The bacteria rescue and transport the spores away from adverse conditions. This aids in fungal dispersal.

When encountering an impassable air gap, the bacterial swarm releases the fungal spores which then germinate and form a mycelial bridge; the bacteria cross the bridge.

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