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Like to think of myself as a toy maker latelly.
I'm building a house with earth and trying to bootstrap an edible forest around it.
Learning c and absolutely tired of the web, the market, the "you have to build your brand".
Glad to be here. Thanks @neauoire and @chirrolafupa !

(sorry about the edit. forgot the tag🤦‍♂️ )

May I ask some help to build a plain-text based solutions?
for example: todo.txt, twtxt

Is anybody trying to sell gemini?
Cos I'm seeing lots of ungry cliens.
What a hell people. If u don't like it don't use it. Thats all.

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help pixel pay for college :boost_requested: 

hello friends

I just got my final bill for my last year of college. $17,200. I only get about $2,000 in loans. That still leaves $15,200.

I currently live with my transphobic parents and cannot sustain living here after school. I've paid for all of my schooling through working up to five jobs at a time up to now, but with each year that passes by, the school has been rolling back my financial aid and it has been very difficult to keep up. I'm still living on a meal a day.

If you'd be willing to toss coin to a neurodivergent, queer, trans, east/southeast asian person, my handles are below.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far.

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We're happy to announce that we just started to work on three new interdependent online resources: the Damaged Earth Catalog, the Permacomputing wiki, and the permacomputing workshop series!


Damaged Earth Catalog

A growing online catalog of the different terms in circulation, used by communities of practice, in relation to computing and network infrastructure informed by ecological ethics, degrowth, resilience, repair, and minimalism. Currently developed by @l03s as part of her PhD research.


Permacomputing wiki

A new wiki about permacomputing that aims to expose its principles, present and discuss the concepts and jargon required to engage with permacomputing, and maintain a repository of related projects. Currently facilitated by @viznut and @320x200 open for contributors!


Permacomputing in the Arts

A workshop series that will be developed throughout end-2022 and 2023 as an onboarding course for permacomputing practices in art an design. The workshops will be made available as an Open Educational Resource. Developed by @320x200 as part of a postdoc research on the topic.

#permacomputing #ecology #art #design #technology

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Why respect the least surprise rule when it means "Vim like movement plus a thousand commands you will never remember. Just like we are all used to."

The web 4 (or forth) is based on literate forth programs you get over simple protocols (gopher, gemini, etc) you select the code and interpret it with a few keystrokes to access interactivity.
It will never take off, since it's consent based. But I :tealheart: the idea.

How are we suposed to do good using a device with which we yank and kill stuff and give it to directories that preserve the system hierarchy and privileges in the name of order and security?
All our metaphores are so screwed up!

Nik, Chuck and Rob walk into a bar...
A few drinks later they realize that chord to run is just one word away in forth (interpret).
Later: Tim and @solderpunk join the conversation. A few drinks later we have a simple, yet powerfull web in wich everything runs with user consent.

*already working into making it real*

New discoveries:
Lactofermented garlic paste.
Lactofermented hakusay.

Both delicious!

Just replaced the ARS $6000 preheating module of my diesel with an ARS $500 button and now my old car is a little more ressilent and convivial :)

Why do we have our consuming and authoring tools so split apart? Is it about ouning stuff? Does the page in blank make us feel that we oun what we produce?

I whant a constant flow that interlinks stimuly and reaction naturally just as we do. Is that too much to ask for the supercomputers we have!?

(I know emacs exist and think it's a reference point in that direction)

Slowly integrating retroforths unu into pachapunks workflow and writing literate tutorials in spanish. Turns out unu goes great with gemini and @sejo s include/exclude trick.
Today managed to code node, link and iteration for single linked lists + explanations + tests.
I failed to my no code commitment. Will see if it lasts and I finally do something usable.

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re: Documentación boricua 

Recomendación para quienes quieran conocer sobre la historia y escuchar la diversidad musical:


En la sección de grabaciones pueden encontrar danzas, valses, “música contemporánea”, poesía declamada, “música popular” y “música folklorica”, entre otras cosas.

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It makes me wanna do my stuff in overexplained and tested literate retroforth (unu) so even a brain like mine can follow.
*comes back to doubly linked list suffering*

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stack juggling + pointer juggling = brain hurts

Yesterday we defined the place for our house in the smol libertarian neighbour! :D

I'll be in the cryo chamber. Wake me up once open hardware comes with screw terminals for everything as default.
Thanks :)

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