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Like to think of myself as a toy maker latelly.
I'm building a house with earth and trying to bootstrap an edible forest around it.
Learning c and absolutely tired of the web, the market, the "you have to build your brand".
Glad to be here. Thanks @neauoire and @chirrolafupa !

(sorry about the edit. forgot the tag🤦‍♂️ )

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There's still a lot to do, but the minimal incarnation of my #gemini server in #forth is working now.

See gemini://

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"Food fermentation is a strange thing: it inverts what many regard as waste and turns it into a social, living, edible object. As a friend of mine once said, if you have too many grapes, you make wine. If you have too much wine, you throw a party. If you still have too much wine, you make vinegar. Fermentation turns scarcity and abundance on its head, belying easy categories of what is waste and what is too much."

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Starting to feel that crypto means only corpos can spy on you:(

The stones inside the outlet pipe only work when climate is dry and winter is the wet season here. So no stones for the rocket.
We will just cover it with cob for inhertia.

Allso, working on a cob based design wich is a mix of this one and some concepts taken from russian heaters.

I'm going for a free, high performance, smol stove/heater anyone can build and feed.

Wana learn colorforth but afraid of destroing my typing abilities.

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A lot of the work I do in the pandemic patch and invasive plant removal is a way of asking the questions of "Whose land is this?" "Who is it for?" "Who has authority to change and work on it?"
None of the work I do is official in any way. Its not work done with the city's approval. It's just work I started doing because I wanted it to exist.
I granted myself authority to work on these woods. To remove plants in it and to grow new ones.
While I have granted myself authority, it isn't my land. Nor is it the city's.
I'm living on colonized land as a white settler. The land was never ceded and doesn't truly belong to the city, the province or the country.
My work is a rejection of the governments colonial power but at the same time its a building of my own white colonial authority.
Who am I to grant myself this permission?

(This is part writing and processing aloud and part genuine asking for peoples thoughts and ideas)

A stove and heater anyone can feed with thin collected sticks.
100% combustion.
Some stones inside the outlet for inhertia.
The winter is comming and we are so ready!

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I just published some of my notes on uxn (! It's definitely a case of the blind leading the blind, but it's helpful to better understand it :>

Did someone ever escaped the vt100/200 tirany with a custom text terminal?

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Brief thoughts on Plan 9 so far, inspired by the SDF Boot Camp:

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Greetings, everyone! 🌱
OpenSourceSeeds is committed to re-establishing seed as a common good for all. We do this by providing new varieties with an open-source licence. This is an easy way to legally protect seed from patents and other forms of privatization.

We'd love to get in contact with anyone interested in open source, commons, seeds, organic agriculture and agrobiodiversity. See you soon! 🥦

#opensourceseeds #introduction #opensource

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i might well make this my search engine just because i'm in love with the idea.

Kind of wanting my software to act more like a paper notebook on steroids and less like a super typewriter.

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wrote a post about e-ink longform computers / tablets. I write about my old nook simple touch e-ink device, some current ones, the state of e-ink displays, and what i long for (lol). All in a few paragraphs of gemini text.


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@mntmn do I understand correctly that this would allow for example putting a bitstream for a RISC-V core in the FPGA, and then having that as the main CPU for the Reform? If yes, that would be extremely cool, and I can already imagine people doing awesome stuff like “hey, this Reform is actually a MSX/Spectrum/Amiga/whatever laptop” :blobaww:

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Today I present: "Finger List" is an #android app which allows you to subscribe to multiple #finger "channels". #ancient #socialmedia. Some servers still exist. #microblogging #software #apps #whois #network #socialnetwork

Who knows interesting people to follow^Wfinger?

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