Kind of liking
Curious about what you people think.

@chirrolafupa Seems preety unbloated and understandable for beeing linux.

@maleza and resilient, i'd say

(now that i think of it: is it resilient because it's unbloated and understandable?)

@maleza @chirrolafupa I’m interested in k1ss but was turned off by the...I’m the leader no one else language...and the “English-only” emphasis. It’s one thing to say that the goals are to be simple and driven by the founder’s vision and time and interest, but it’s another to phrase them as principles

@maleza @chirrolafupa that said, i may try it out! scratches some of the itches i have in Void Linux and Linux From Scratch 🧙‍♀️

@exquisitecorp @chirrolafupa Yeah. I will too.
Also. If we discard tech comming from arrogant individuals we have to forget about looooots of it.

> Only target the English language. English is the World Language. What we write our code in and what we use to communicate.


to be fair, that's definitely simple (?)

@maleza haha, from the testimonials page:

> I just find it interesting that their version of simple includes dependency-tracking package management but excludes Spanish.

@chirrolafupa I think it refeers to software interfaces. It is possible to swap keyboard layouts. I usualy avoid installing ui translations on my machine.
As much as I hate living in a world with an imperialist lingua franca I tend to avoid language packs.

@maleza and who/what is in charge of decoding/rendering text e.g. in UTF-8, or at least latin1? i have set variables related to that, but i don't know who/what reads them and acts upon them 😅

anyways, will you try kisslinux?

@chirrolafupa I will. And forget about it if it's not ñ capable.

@maleza let me know how it goes! i'm interested but i'll try in some weeks

@maleza The ASCII formatting is worrying. I can't test it right now but it looks like it would mess with screen readers.
This is the UNIX version of a teen "not caring what others think" and expressing that with a lifestyle that makes it pretty clear they care what others think, they just want to alienate them.
...I'm not sure if that makes sense.

Basically, I Have Concerns about anything that tries to be too simple.

@maleza IMHO if you care about having a modular distro where you can replace any package you want, Nix's approach should be your starting off point. You can try to keep everything so simple that that's not necessary, but I don't think you'll get far.
Nix and Guix could certainly be simpler though, but my experience so far has been that Guix is in fact rather grokkable. I could customize it much more easily than Arch, largely because it's written in Scheme and is very modular.

@csepp I tend to fall in love with anything computing that I can fully understand. Most of the time that does not end in adoption.
I'm really tired of linux, can't manage to properly install 9front and don't know enough pascal for oberon.
Will try and see. It sells as a starting point and it's possible to package anything.
My short experience with guix ended in wifi frustration.

@maleza Ah yes, WiFi. Although it looks like KISS won't necessarily make that any easier, with all the "compile your own kernel" stuff.

(In case you ever wanna try Guix again: start with the nonguix channel first, or use it on top of a conventional distro's kernel. (it's now officially packaged in Debian))

@maleza BTW these aren't really practical operating systems, but they should be simple enough to understand by a single human, you might like them:
Loko Scheme (
CollapseOS (

Both are written in a single unified language. I've written some code for CollapseOS and it's a lot of fun. I never had to use an assembler before and this one I could learn by reading its source. UwU

@csepp @maleza some month(s) ago i had a lot fun with guix, figuring out how to configure it (e.g. getting my "screen tablet" to work) and such

but i felt (and measured) it booted very slowly (coming from me, who likes slow computing! haha), despite removing many services from the defaults. but i'd like to try again, now knowing that you csepp could help 😅

@chirrolafupa @maleza Certainly. Ping me with Guix questions any time. Although the people on the guix-help mailing list and IRC might know more about certain topics.

@csepp @maleza thanks! i saved my config and the list of packages i had installed - i like that in theory using them i can go back to where i was :)

@maleza This is an old thread but I maintain about 120 packages for it! I'm happy to package most things for you, if you wish to try it out.

@eris Glad to know! Thanks!
Is there any clean way of having utf8 support?

@maleza How so? UTF-8 is a program by program thing, rather than a distribution thing.

@eris There was some discussion here about "english is the default language". I didn't installed k1ss yet. But got the feel from docs that by default it only supports ansii

@maleza Ah. Yea, KISS doesn't offer any translation stuff. Most programs do fine with UTF-8, though.

@eris Great! That's allso my default setup. Non ui translations but support to write with ñ :)

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