Are there anywhere idiomatic forth examples of common cs problems?
Rosseta's ones seems preety much the oposite and comp lang an infinite meta about commenters personalities (at least some I went through).

@eris I whant to collect some tabular data and create the basic words to filter, sort, etc.

@maleza im very close to falling aslwep so ill attempt this over the next few days. i cant think of a good way to do sorts, but xilters should be easy

@maleza I was stumped not being able to find what when I started learning forth.

@neauoire For some reason I think that I can tell when some code is or isn't idiomatic forth but there seems to be some kind of magic clarity that I can't reproduce myself right now. So I whant to see more in the hope of developing that thing :)

@akkartik Thanks!
Really considering a compilation of examples. It's hard to find the idiomatic non gforth path.

@maleza @akkartik Is gforth a particularly non-Forthy Forth?

It would make sense. There's also gst, which as I hear it is a particularly non-Smalltalky Smalltalk. =)

@clacke @akkartik If what you like about forth is it's simplicity, then the "ten thousand words" of gforth is the oposite.
Some day I will explore Smalltalk. Taking note of your advice :)

@maleza Would the FFL (Forth Foundation Library) and FSL (Forth Scientific Library) be of help? and , respectively, are good places to start for them.

@maleza I am super new to the scene and not a programmer. But from what I have read about the philosophy of forth--some forth programmers wouldn't have any confidence in the idea of "common cs problems"

@potato nice catch. "common cs problems" might not be the best way of describe it. In fact Moore recomends the elimination of some like filesystems. What I was trying to refer to is some stuff common to data problems: sort, filter, split, reduce, etc. Those seem unavoidable beyond programming language/philosofy choice.

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