Well... what a week!
Partner parents decided to donate their recently passed sisters house to us.
So we aren't about to end homeles anymore.
Also, we got in touch with local referents in the fight for land for the people and they say there is a viable space for us about 1km from where we where building.
So we are about to start fresh, more determined, safe and within comrades in about two weeks.

Thanks a lot to everybody that showed your support. It means a lot.
We :tealheart: you.

@maleza :tealheart: gracias por compartir! acá andamos para apoyar en lo que se pueda :)

@maleza That's amazing! I can't help but feel it's life rewarding you for your tenacity and determination. Such great news!

@maleza I've been wondering about you, glad to hear you got some good news!

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