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Thank you for ariane! It's the best gemini browser I've seen so far! 👏

I see it required android API21 (android 5?) I wonder if it has any dependencies that prevent it to be compatible with Android 4 (or even below). It would be great to surf gemini in older devices stuck on older android versions

successfully replaced/upgraded my keyboard to fix the dead keys and add back-lighting!

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@neauoire wondering how is the charging situation now that you've been using a Thinkpad (vs the pi workstation). Are you still just relying on solar power? Is it much more cumbersome to manage it vs the pi?

Discovered the cute little Firefox Color theme creator so decided to pull together a merveilles-inspired theme:

wallpaper in screenshot: kudos to @luxpris

if you try hard can be bearably light and minimal.

debloated, removed visual effects to speed things up.

@mrus your site, despite being hard to bookmark on tools like evernote, is so rich! Love the cli toolkit you armed yourself with.

I also see you use zeronet. It's been a while since I last entered it. Any cool regular destinations you can recommend?

I'm positively amazed by how smooth was the migration from m.s to merveilles.

Setting up redirect, importing followers, importing following, exporting my toots (I haven't imported them back but I assume it would be trivial) all so clear for someone who wants to spend 10min understanding what will happen.

All this is very reassuring for the concept of a fediverse.


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