I'm positively amazed by how smooth was the migration from m.s to merveilles.

Setting up redirect, importing followers, importing following, exporting my toots (I haven't imported them back but I assume it would be trivial) all so clear for someone who wants to spend 10min understanding what will happen.

All this is very reassuring for the concept of a fediverse.

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@mario if there's a way to import toots it's news to me.

@zens you are right! I can't import toots 😶 I just saw the export archive function and glanced at import data field and didn't read that it only works for lists...

@mario My migration experience wasn't so smooth, for some reason. Not sure what happened but the follower migration crapped out at 30 accounts left, after telling me that I hit a rate limit rapidfire.

@mario is not enough and needs to be easier. redirecting your account ideally should import all toots and followers automatically (or with the press of a single buttin)

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