@mrus your site, despite being hard to bookmark on tools like evernote, is so rich! Love the cli toolkit you armed yourself with.

I also see you use zeronet. It's been a while since I last entered it. Any cool regular destinations you can recommend?

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@mario thank you, I'm glad you find the info useful! :-) I don't have any regular destinations, most of the time I browse 0list or search for specific topics on Kaffiene.

Oh, didn't know my site is making trouble with Evernote since I don't use it. Will give it a try sometime to see what's going on. :)

@mrus it's probably not worth your time, my comment was mostly a realization that bookmarking services i use (evernote and instapaper) don't seem to support non-ASCII urls which is a bummer. did support it though ;)

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