@neauoire wondering how is the charging situation now that you've been using a Thinkpad (vs the pi workstation). Are you still just relying on solar power? Is it much more cumbersome to manage it vs the pi?

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@mario we're docked at the moment so I'm using the thinkpad, but the moment we cast off, I'll use the Pi again.

@neauoire ahh I see, while docked you have access to abundant energy ;)

@mario yup :) Our plan is to do some pretty involved boat projects in the next weeks, and we want access to tools and stuff. That also means we get to give our boat batteries a little break, which they desperately need right now hehe

@neauoire would there be a way to install additional solar panels (or maybe even other things, e.g. wind or hydroturbines) or is there some limiting factor to this?Apart from the costs, of course.

@mrus the more solar panels, the more windage, the more holes through the deck for cabling, the more leaks.

@mrus wind turbines are very noisy, they're usually more practical on bigger boats, but I am starting to consider it, but we will need to install an arch at the back to set it up so it's properly secured.

@neauoire just because I’m considering getting it for myself, have you checked the Asus PN50 4800U?

Folks on Reddit ( say it idles at ~5W and regular usage at ~7W, topping at 25W @ 90ºC. The lower end is close to the Pi while having the possibility to power boost when needed. Apparently there’s also an ASRock version of this (4x4 something) coming out soon, which will feature similar specs for less plata.

@mrus Never heard of it, I'll have a look. We normally don't buy new hardware as much as possible, so we'll probabably stick to our current devices until they become impossible to repair. But let me know if you do, what's your current solar setup like?

@neauoire depends on the airbnb I’m currently at, no solar-powered boat here (yet). Nevertheless I’m trying to lower my footprint incrementally by optimizing the things I need to be as portable and energy efficient as possible. Currently my MacBook is still the biggest consumer and I’m looking forward to replace it at some point. However, nor the Raspberry neither the RockPi have turned out to be sufficient options for me so far. :-/

@mrus going from a macbook to a pi is very very hard, speaking from experience unfortunately. >__>

Well, maybe the Asus will be a good option. What did you have trouble with working on a Pi?

@neauoire yeah, I’m still amazed how you can be so productive while working on that thing. I had trouble with IO performance, compiling stuff that’s not yet ready for the ARM platform, IO performance, browsing the web on a 4k screen, IO performance, the RISCV gcc toolchain, … did I mention IO performance?

Even made it boot from a SSD and took care of cooling it properly (マリウス.com/diy-raspberry-pi-4-ve) but nevertheless the Pi can’t keep up with my workload.

@mrus right now it tells the story that I'm scatterbrained for 5 hours each day ;)

@neauoire n00b here, but aren’t there ways to add solar panels to the sails? I think I saw something like that a while ago in a video on YouTube.

@neauoire i see! They don’t write any pricing in these videos unfortunately and for an “untrained eye” it really looks like a bunch of flexible solar panels from Aliexpress that were knitted on the sail.

@mrus yeah, that's.. I don't see how you can do long distance cruising with that stuff, maybe if you're on a lake in light winds. But cabling running through the sail and out at the foot and down through the mast is just crazy. It's more for coastal cruising than what we're doing I think.

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