Thank you for ariane! It's the best gemini browser I've seen so far! 👏

I see it required android API21 (android 5?) I wonder if it has any dependencies that prevent it to be compatible with Android 4 (or even below). It would be great to surf gemini in older devices stuck on older android versions

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@mario you forgot to @ me! I have been thinking about trying to do a version without any of the modern dependencies (support libraries, material design) that'd run on anything and be tiny, but it'd be a very different looking app.

@oppen I did forget! Masto floating button can be confusing 😅 I did think that ariane looks so sleeks compared to others because of the standard material UI support from more contemporary API versions. If you do find time to build such app I'd look forward to it! Love the aesthetics of öppenlab content, thank you

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