@neauoire I don't get the fuss, I never really used twitter until months when I decided to create a couple of small lists and only read posts from those lists: they are chronological, ad-free and taylored by me (seemingly at least).

@neauoire I understand this runs in a emulator/vm of sorts? I'm not technical at all so maybe it's just ignorance when I assumed that emulators and VM inflict battery penalties over non-emulated apps. How can this be? 😅

@neauoire other than building your own tools and learning, is it also a goal of running left, orca, etc in uxn to save battery?

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@neauoire @morgan I thought you could use IPFS without any filecoin/crypto. Am I wrong?

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Is there a beginner's guide to self-hosting on a VPS and the kind of activities one should be prepared to take on while doing so?

I want to both get a bit of hands on experience doing that but primarily I want to try hosting Shaarli and Wallabag, probably with yunohost?

I'm a #joey when it comes to this stuff and would love some advice. Thanks! :hackers_town:

@oppen works perfectly so far! Look at the glorious 1:1 aspect ratio! I hope to find time to tinker with UI (lots to learn on there!) since bb10 benefits from some more buttons in toolbar.

@oppen it's was (is, still)! I'm a late adopter though, I picked it up over a year ago as my first BB device, mostly because I was intrigued by it when it was new and because it would work as a nice modern app detox device. The hub and email centric experience just makes so much sense.

@oppen that looks like the error I'm getting on a blackberry Passport (stuck on android 4.2 runtime). It's such a nice device despite being unsupported for years...

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Phaedra 1.0 available for Android now at: oppen.digital/software/phaedra

This is a rough alpha so don't expect too much. 55Kb though!

@oppen because gemini and older devices (stuck on old api versions) are meant for each other. Thank you

@henesy could I have one? I hope to try a correctly setup plan9 first since I've struggled to setup myself!

@oppen I did forget! Masto floating button can be confusing 😅 I did think that ariane looks so sleeks compared to others because of the standard material UI support from more contemporary API versions. If you do find time to build such app I'd look forward to it! Love the aesthetics of öppenlab content, thank you

Thank you for ariane! It's the best gemini browser I've seen so far! 👏

I see it required android API21 (android 5?) I wonder if it has any dependencies that prevent it to be compatible with Android 4 (or even below). It would be great to surf gemini in older devices stuck on older android versions

successfully replaced/upgraded my keyboard to fix the dead keys and add back-lighting!

@mrus yes, each item is an email. I set it up so the sender reads as the feed title and the subject is the item title. Its alot of email, but as I said, I use a dedicated inbox for this. The benefit of this setup is that I have an archive of all items I subscribe to until I decide to delete them.

@mrus my journey out of feedly involved rss2email: the daemon is running on a vps but could be running locally. I have a dedicated email inbox that stores the content sent by the daemon and read states. I can setup that inbox account on any email client on any device using IMAP.

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