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I'm a Mexican game and web developer, you cand find me @

- I have a website about horchata water

- I have a podcast about game dev in spanish

New game studio is officially on pause until further notice, probably dead :/

I friend from Mexico shares a lot of values with so probably people here will enjoy his work.

He has a suite to test multiple old game console and that they have the proper color and sound calibrations

Also as part of the suite there is a program to test the difference between two audios and then check if for example a emulator has the proper implementation :)

I enjoy doing fake websites only for the sake of it

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I remember some time ago I saw a small twitter clone where fake cute animals or something like that where chatting, but can't find it again :(

Had to do a temporary website before we have branding done.

One month working on new job and things are starting to look real

I'm happy because I managed to convince the investor we needed good branding for new game studio ☺️ and got my favourite designer to do it

I haven't shared a lot lately about my work and my life, but at the end of 2019 I resigned my web developer job and accepted the role of director at a new game studio in Mexico city.

We have been working for three weeks and it has been an amazing ride.

Hardest part is getting used to not measure the amount of work I have done in a day based on programming tasks.

Will share more when we have something interesting to show

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