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I'm a Mexican game and web developer, you cand find me @

- I have a website about horchata water

- I have a podcast about game dev in spanish

Anyway it's seems Vortex is working on a new version of their 65% the Vortex Race so probably will wait for that

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Was really happy using my Pok3r for a day until I had to test my game and can't really play a platformer without arrow keys ...

@chirrolafupa @csepp should work with webgl disabled, thanks for the heads up

Pretty happy on how the website for our "new" studio turned out


Nothing is really changed, we just wanted a brand to release the games under.

Tried to make it work with no JS, if it's not the case let me know!

The styles don't seem to load with Net surf for some reason (they load on firefox with JS disabled)

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Check out the (ridiculously huge and cheap) Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid. 1000 games for as little as USD $5, including one from yours truly. Lots of good ones in here.

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Version 0.4.29 of Ripcord, an alternative Slack and Discord client, is released.

Full changelog:

First night out in a long long time, jazz concert from locals

Also the best coffee I have tried in this town !

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When making social media preview images for websites I'm always annoyed by how hard it is to test them with various online debuggers.

Now there's a very cool native app by @rafaelmardojai to do it locally!

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Now available:

"Everything you need to know to choose an office chair" :moar:

I met a professional office chair seller specialized in furniture for disabled people, and he accepted to share his knowledge. Enjoy! :tealheart:

Too lazy to do it by hand, quickly hacked this to arrange things by hand.

Ugh was using flex gap left and right and now I opened the page in Safari and everything is broken :(

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After nearly 80 hours of work.. I've completed the port of Nasu to the computer. It took a while because I had to learn that assembly language, and I took a bunch of twists and turn adding new features that would make it easier for us to make assets for our upcoming projects.

In any case, I'm am super happy with it.

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