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I'm a Mexican game and web developer, you cand find me @

- I have a website about horchata water

- I have a podcast about game dev in spanish

Got an iPad and can play some games I have wanted to play for a long time.

Recently playing 856 Hack and it’s such a good game

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My little project Manifest (as it's now called) is now live at

A few loose ends to tie up but right now you can:

🗒️ Create as many notes as you want.
🧮 Snap and resize on a uniform grid.
🌐 All data is stored locally.

Source at

I keep returning to this video every time I feel tired about world issues and feel tempted to take refuge on nihilism

FINALLY fixed a bug that crashed the file dialog in firefox and was making thunar super slow, had to downgrade gvfs but now everything works!

Today I realised that htop has a *filter* command that does exactly what I wanted when using the *search* command

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Hey, look at me, I handle colours like an adult now.

IDK why sometimes I find some media related to horses and it has a weird compelling thing that makes me remember them and think there is a weird collective psychology about bizarre horse stories.

Latest this small comic.

The reason I subscribed to This american Life podcast.

I don't even know why I remember this scene from Family Guy a show I don't even like but fits under the category

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consumerism is bad but art is good so I'm logging on for a minute to do some year end media retrospectives

Bringing back to life my old bookmark extension :) I have new ideas on how to improve it and excited to try them out.

Forgot It's written in choo it has been fun to use something different from react although I miss it some times

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Just to be explicit, if you skipped over that link when it crossed your feed, you need to go back and click it right now. Here it is again:

I haven’t finish my year review, because I was too busy cooking with my GF :)

Great year and the next one already looks like it’s going to be even better.

2019 was the year of web development but 2020 I will be back to doing games full time.

Happy new year Merveilles & Fediverse, last couple of months got back the joy of checking my timeline :ouroboros:

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It doesn't help that I spent a lot of time doing a banner for my friend's dinner party instead

I hope one day I find more Mexicans using mastodon, glad at least there are more people speaking Spanish now

Trying to do a year review, but having a hard time writing. Will try to write more on 2020

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