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I'm a Mexican game and web developer, you cand find me @

- I have a website about horchata water

- I have a podcast about game dev in spanish

I kind of want to de a screensaver for waylando using golang but have no idea where to start ?¿

Fixed up the keyboard toggle script I was using to accommodate to my computer, first time doing go in a long time, I still like it

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God I wish there was a good GUI library

Failed miserably but managed to configure sway and everything seems to work better than expected, including the bug that wouldn't paint unity's windows unless the mouse hover them, which started this whole deal for me

Gonna try to install patheon on Arch ☺️

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Things I want himitsu do for you:

- Boot-time disk unlocking with an external flash drive secstore
- Be your SSH and GPG agents
- Fill out forms in your web browser (user/pass or CC details)
- Authenticate with IRC on your behalf and pass the socket to your IRC client


- Unlock with smartcard
- Remove keys from memory when screen locked

Just realized I did collisions all wrong, and it seems its a common mistake who would have thought

Im enjoying trying to do classic games without a tutorial and then see how things are normally done, today I did an arkanoid

This is such a good resource, crazy the level of polish inside each tutorial

“People should know that being connected online is not a bad thing, it just needs some tweaks,” Kojima said. “I just want them to think about how we could use this technology to be better and think about it.”

Still don't know hot to increase the speed of the snake properly :<

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