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I'm a Mexican game and web developer, you cand find me @

- I have a website about horchata water

- I have a podcast about game dev in spanish

Here's the first weapon sheet I made in collaboration with my friend. We'll make one of these per week for the foreseeable future, building a world around them at the same time, him writing the lore and me illustrating it. I'll post more details on the illustration process on my Patreon as I go ~

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Made two small shaders to replicate de sokpop
style in Godot

(made three but the last one needs some polish)

Custom Skybox:

Joepli wobble:

we can't believe such a perfect domain name was still available 😅

say hi to the new address of the Spanish version of 🎉

May film done! It's called "Reservoir". The plants are watered. 1 min long w/sound. Password is respass

Drew a Merveilles sigil for fun, might end up tattooing it on myself 😬 :merveilles:

Pretty happy with how we went from "I want this specific feeling" to implementing it in a relative small amount of time.

Hello Mastodon, I am DaaWeeD, former worker in the automotive industry, who left 15 years of pain to work and live from #pixelart. I started pixel seriously in 2018, and I continue to learn more.

#introduction #MastoArt

New Velvetyne font out today!

Sligoil is a funky monospace by Ariel Martín Pérez, created for the Unknown Number indie game.

Working on level design next step would be to improve the combo system so it feels good when you connect multiple attacks in a row

The idea is to lock the platforming abilities (double jump, wall jump, dashing etc) depending on how many blows you land

Progress report

- Birb ninja attacks
- Double jump
- Wall jump
- Fall of platforms

Búsqueda laboral 

A quien pueda interesar:

Llevo meses sin trabajo formal y realmente estoy necesitando un ingreso monetario. Me conformo con algo de una sola vez o temporero.

¿Necesitas hacer algo tedioso y extenso? ¿Tal vez alguna traducción español-ingles o ingles-español? ¿Una revisión de texto, o quizás de código html/css? ¿Algún trabajo simple con un SMC? ¿Introducir datos a una base de datos? ¿Hacer un análisis sobre alguna comunidad, o una segunda opinión en cómo llevar a cabo un evento comunitario?

Me dispongo a hacer cualquiera de esas cosas y aquellas relacionadas. Escríbeme en privado y lo hablamos con calma. :blobcat_owo:

Pueden boostear este toot.

After a ~year of trying on and off Godot, I'm happy I can manage to put this up on a weekend

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¡Archipiélago I quiere seguir sumando islas!

Si conoces a alguien, o formas parte de, América Media o algún territorio de la región no dudes en leer nuestro "Acerca de..." y escribirnos para sumarte.


Archipelago I wants to keep adding islands!

If you know someone, or you're part of, Middle America or any territory in the region don't forget to read our "About" and contact us to join.

Went to GDC gave a talk and survived, no COVID had to check birdsite more while I was there. I'm exhausted

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