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I'm a Mexican game and web developer, you cand find me @

- I have a website about horchata water

- I have a podcast about game dev in spanish

New version of Thunderbird breaks the only add-on I use, `quick folder move` :(

Managed to install arch-arm on mi pi3 never going back to raspbian

I like pinafore but I miss our custom css :(

Well ALL OF THIS happened to me today when I started re-learning blender

Love this video, teaching pico-8 for the second time for programming 101 this year

First time using the Audacity tag feature and it's really helpful

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some years ago, i picked a neat color palette, and made a couple random vector drawings;
it then became a habit, and now results of several months of work've been compiled under:

After a year of working on this, finally my day job platform is looking decent

And as everything that is marketed as `easy to use` the moment I tried to build more than basic stuff it got really complicated

Working on a client app and using firebase for the first time, is nice to see how a bullet proof backend/auth system works for when I need to do one and glad the fees are client's problem.

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