I overused co routines in my last unity project so was a little scared of using them on PICO-8 but they are convenient for this game

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@mario_afk Co-routines are a must in PICO-8 games.

Though in one PICO-8 game I put an entire turn-based strategy AI in a co-routine. All the pathfinding. All the battle decisions. All the unit construction decisions.

Needless to say, I became very acquainted with using countless `printh` statements for debugging.

@Lambdanaut It's simplifying my code a lot haha so maybe I will over use them again.

The only thing I miss from C# is the possibility to yield another co routine

@mario_afk yeah, godot has that too. I came from Pico-8 first and it blew my mind how spoiled I was when I could yield like that.

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