Finally someone is paying me to learn how to do shaders.

It already feels like I pulled up the curtain behind the magic trick

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@mario_afk Ok, I'm curious, what kind of companies are paying for shader dev? Because apart from video game studio, I'm a bit lost trying to find people that need my CG skillset ^^'

@aearil I'm doing this for a client who wants a particular effect on a website, the only way to achieve the effect is with a shader, so mainly it's because of an interesting web project

@mario_afk Oh ok, that makes sense ^^

Love your wm setup BTW!
@mario_afk Thank you, though I'm already setup with my own gruvbox dwm and term ^^

@mario_afk shaders are so cool to learn and use :) hope you'll have a great time!

@mario_afk shaders are so much fun! it's like but even faster & more expessive

@oak Was thinking exactly that! haha want to get to the part where I also change textures

@mario_afk one of my favourite tricks is using textures to embed datasets for the shaders, like heightmaps or tilemaps or strings

@mario_afk I don't know if js is your thing, but is a really fun way to mess with webgl and shaders

@oak I'm actually doing this for a JS project so thanks !

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