online communities 

I have a bunch of telegram groups with some friends, attempting to do something similar to Discord/Slack/Matrix where each group has a specific subject.

I have always wanted a way to have good conversations online with my IRL friends, but it has always been a challenge.

In part for the technical barrier and maybe more important how to invite people to talk more on digital spaces.

online communities 

After the pandemic started the video game group started picking up with almost 100 daily messages and my friends playing a bunch of online multiplayer games almost every day.

For one reason or another I wasn't able to play with them until recently when they started playing Valheim, I wanted to try it so I made some time to play with them.

online communities 

Turns out my internet is too bad to be able to play with them but I realized the group of friends haven't really changed from when we started playing DOTA some years ago and I remembered that the reason I stop playing with them is that they can get really toxic to the point where I just preferred to play by myself.

online communities 

Not only that but the other groups where affected by this type of toxic behavior from the same people, and other members of the community didn't participated any more.

I'm sure things would be different If myself or others took a stand and do something to prevent or point out toxic messages.

Social interactions are hard
I'm glad merveilles is doing something to make the town a better place for everyone
Discussions around the subject are uncomfortable but worth it at the end


online communities 

This was my first attempt at a 1 public toot chain unlisted :)

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