@mario_afk Actually tried it today and found it quite cumbersome to set a cut. Entering the start and end position manually was the only solution I came up with. Doing a frame-perfect cut was impossible... I uninstalled it and went to Lossless Cut which is quite colorful and a bit messy regarding UI/UX but it worked for me.


@fin_ger Hmm I have only used it for simple quick trims, but I see how it doesn't work for more exact cuts, I saw lossless Cut but the UI put me off intermediately, maybe raise a ticket explaining how more precise trims could happen on video trimmer ? they responded quickly to one Issue I had recently.

@fin_ger @mario_afk Hey, Video Trimmer developer here.

You can drag the edges of the yellow "selection" with the mouse, no need to enter the timestamps manually.

As for frame accuracy, I'm indeed well aware of the issue. I checked Lossless Cut source now and found useful links about how to implement keyframe visualization with ffmpeg, I might give that a try. There's also smart encoding of just beginning to first keyframe, but not sure how doable that is through the ffmpeg binary.

@YaLTeR @mario_afk Ah ok, I didn't expext it to work that way 🙈 Hmm, from a UX perspective I would expect to set a cut while watching the video. Usually I do the following:

1. Play the video roughly until the point where I want the cut to be set
2. Slow down playback, go some frames forward and backward, even play video backwards and then set the cut by clicking a button

Also, visualizing the audio waveform can be helpful for finding a cut :D

@YaLTeR @mario_afk Some other use-cases (but might be out-of-scope for a simple app like this):

- loop the trimmed part to see if an animation looks good when looped before export
- playback speed adjustment (play in slow-motion to check every keyframe while in motion)
- show duration of trimmed clip
- zoom into timeline for long videos where only a short clip is extracted
- jump to next/prev scene transition (e.g. i-frames with huge delta)

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