@thomasorus a hex editor, is a way of looking at the binary(bytes really) content of a file. For example, each sprite, or sound, in Uxn is a series of 0s and 1s that turn into little drawings or waveform.

Think of this as a way, an ascii text file is a bunch of numbers from 0 to 255(wiki.xxiivv.com/site/ascii.htm), a hex editor is a way of seeing these numbers behind the characters.


@thomasorus For example, if I open a text file, and I select some letters, here's what these letters correspond in bytes.

If I select the letter "i" in my textfile, it displays as #69 which is its ascii value.


@thomasorus @neauoire Seems similar to the Lazy Dev cart to understand and manipulate PICO-8's memory, some interesting UI/UX elements that could be useful if you haven't seen it yet


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@mario_afk @thomasorus yup that's pretty much what I have so far with Exed :) It's a fun way of visualizing various types of assets in the same view.

@mario_afk @neauoire omg this video is SO CLEAR. I've never managed to get it and this guy just explained everything like it's nothing!

@thomasorus @mario_afk I'm sure Uxn will be a lot clearer now that you understand this :)

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