Pretty happy on how the website for our "new" studio turned out


Nothing is really changed, we just wanted a brand to release the games under.

Tried to make it work with no JS, if it's not the case let me know!

The styles don't seem to load with Net surf for some reason (they load on firefox with JS disabled)

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@mario_afk > An unexpected error has occurred.
Can't see anything blocked in uMatrix. Maybe something doesn't like the IceCat user agent string?
Something loads but then it gets replaced with that error. Dev tools says it's trying to load OpenGL, which is disabled.
Seems to load on Netsurf, haven't tried navigation though yet.

@csepp seems like it is the because if webgl disabled will look in to using canvas as a fallback or an SVG if not posible, thanks !

@mario_afk man, this looks so good. like all the games you made. so good. congrats!

@mario_afk the video looks great! me encanta el nombre :tealheart:

it seems my browser has webgl disabled, and that results in "an unexpected error has ocurred" (it seems threejs crashes with "error creating webgl context")

@mario_afk love the look and the name. Amano haciendo juegos a mano. So great <3

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