@mario_afk I'm excited to see they have a visual game making tool in the works. Did you create anything for the platform?

@tendigits Pulp is great!, I'm doing a port of my PICO-8 Frog game but we missed the deadline for the video announcement

@mario_afk Oh wonderful! I've not gotten very far, but I've enjoyed toying around with the dev kit.

@tendigits having a lot of fun making the game for it, it's really cool to play our game in a physical device, still need to find a good way to use the crank haha

@mario_afk I suppose using it to control the tongue would be kind of tricky! 👅 🐸

@tendigits we currently only have an idea of opening the door to a merchant who would give you power ups but I'm sure we will come up with something more froggy 🐸

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