@neauoire @alderwick haha I saw that on your photo it's a good idea will do !

@mario_afk @alderwick we should use the System/r/g/b bytes to detect the 1bpp fg/bg colors somehow.

I often get asked “Hey @alderwick, you work with , don't you get fed up of graphics with only 4 colours?” No! Of… course not. *laughs weakly*

For those who want more, how about taking that 4 and cubing it? With you get a whopping 64 colours, 64×64 pixels and a 64 kB ROM. During September you can cube the fun, too, with @flame's MinicubeJam! Join others coding a graphical effect, a demo, a game, anything tiny up to 64 kB is welcome, just bring your brain.


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