Finally finished the physics for our little frog game.

Wrote a log on how we handle the frog getting squished by a falling game piece and the many ways we try to save the frog.

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@mario_afk > You die more times than before, but it always feels like it's your fault, not the game's fault.

very interesting to see the description of all these rules! :)

@sejo Haha it's the part I like the most about this whole thing :) I hope the blog wasn't to *rebuscado*

@mario_afk wow just played some rounds, what a great game! will there be a 1bit version also for the pico8?

@nff Don't think there will as the plan for the playdate game is to add everything we didn't have space on PICO-8 to add, but the plan is to try to release it on PC

@mario_afk where xan i get this??? i love this frog so mucb

@mario_afk my partner had a similar reaction: "THAT IS THE BEST GAME EVER MADE". they want me to wish you a froggers day

@eris hahaha this made me happy n.n the plan is to release it for playdate and later see if we can release it for something else probably PC

@mario_afk yo I just showed this to my partner and she played it for like an hour. The whole thing is 👌👌👌

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