@mario_afk I'm looking forward to having the option of starting with a couple of blocks in the stage already present :)

@neauoire once you get good at the game the initial speed/difficulty is really slow haha that's why on the simulator is in the hardest difficulty.

Gonna upload a version where you will be able to select the initial speed of the game.

After the eye thing is done we are gonna do a combo system so probably will end up doing a level selector to test out different layouts :)

@mario_afk excited for the next build, I've been playing the game on evenings. I'm pretty good now :)

@cancel @neauoire nothing ! Haha I think we are going to end up using it for non critical things, like opening the doors at the end of the level or a metagame on the overworld

@neauoire @cancel Push a squishing piece upwards while getting crushed πŸ€”

@mario_afk That's so clever how you'll only need a few rows updating per frame, even when the eyeballs are moving around!

@alderwick I'm having issues with performance because I'm still updating each eye to track the player every 10 frames πŸ€”

I'm figuring out how I can improve that

@djsumdog It's pullfrog :) this version is going to be for the play.date/

But there is a finished version for PICO-8 if you want to try it out


@ian we do plan to port it to PC but the other games on the playdate look really cool as well :)

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