In general I like it :)


It's small! When I wanted to download a new version of unity I had to wait for a full day

It's fast

It's open source, It has the same amount of bugs Unity had some years ago but it's really nice to be able to search for issues and see the status on things on the Repo, and thinking that I may help with some of them


It's clunky, in general the whole UI is a mess, some things you have to get used to them as is the workflow the Engine is proposing but the UI feels unpolished

The 3D importing pipeline is filled with bugs and edge cases that make's it cumbersome to work with

OOP this may be a personal preference but in general I prefer to stay away of OOP

@mario_afk looks great! It's cool to see stuff like this coming out of Godot (i.e. artists using the tool, not just folks making programmer art)

I for one hope Godot provides more competition at this end of the game engine market.

@jonbro I heard a lot of things about how it doesn't compare with other engines because it's rendering pipeline but I'm not trying to do a realistic looking game so I don't mind

@mario_afk Nice animations!

Godot is great, but I can鈥檛 stand the hierarchical class design. I鈥檝e used many engines like that in the past, and it has never been a pleasant experience. Console support is also missing.

But I love the UI features and built in text editor. It really is an impressive set of features in such a small package.

@alexramallo Yeah I don't like it either but I think for this project is not too bad, I don't really know what other option I would take for a 3D game though

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