Finally someone is paying me to learn how to do shaders.

It already feels like I pulled up the curtain behind the magic trick

I just had the best refried black beans in the top of a mountain 1hr away from home

No Idea what the OP means but a number is not a valid input :/

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But I'm having a blast learning about reading binaries, it seems that it was more difficult in older versions of LUA

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First move of the year The Wolf of Snow Hollow nice way to start the year

I disabled Gmail today and installed Fair mail which looks lile everything I want from an email client on my phone. Hoping to degoogle myself next year.

I'm stressing over my inbox because of this, and there is no one to blame but me

Welp it took more that what I intended too but it's alive again after a year of saving links on telegram :)

Just released the demo of
the game we have been working on for the last couple of months, would love some feedback if anyone has some time to play it :)

Yesterday I was devastated that I couldn't export the PICO-8 game because we exceeded the compressed limit, but today found a minifier that works and won 10% back

"The sprite editor used by artists for a number of SNK fighting games was written for the Neo-Geo, and uses the Neo-Geo as the interface. As in, you would use the joystick and the buttons to draw the sprite."

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