Made two small shaders to replicate de sokpop
style in Godot

(made three but the last one needs some polish)

Custom Skybox:

Joepli wobble:

Pretty happy with how we went from "I want this specific feeling" to implementing it in a relative small amount of time.

Working on level design next step would be to improve the combo system so it feels good when you connect multiple attacks in a row

The idea is to lock the platforming abilities (double jump, wall jump, dashing etc) depending on how many blows you land

Progress report

- Birb ninja attacks
- Double jump
- Wall jump
- Fall of platforms

It's been a while since I post progress on this 🐸 game but there is a ton of new stuff

Someone knows how to draw a sine wave between to points similar to this example, without drawing it first to a texture and then rotating the texture ?

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