Excalidraw was helpful, I normally prefer pen&paper but being able to share quickly a drawing in the internet made the difference.

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Last couple of commits have been crazy but I'm happy with the end result

Spent too much time doing this gifs, but liked the result :) Aseprite is great for editing pixel art gifs


Wrote a new update on the devlog, will sort out getting a RSS feed later this week :)

"About Amano & the collision conundrum"


Used excalidraw.com to draw this and explain how we are handling collisions on our game, at first I tried exporting it to figma and start aligning everything to a perfect grid and then realized that is not necessary at all and looks good enough like this.

Pretty happy on how the website for our "new" studio turned out


Nothing is really changed, we just wanted a brand to release the games under.

Tried to make it work with no JS, if it's not the case let me know!

The styles don't seem to load with Net surf for some reason (they load on firefox with JS disabled)

First night out in a long long time, jazz concert from locals

Also the best coffee I have tried in this town !

Too lazy to do it by hand, quickly hacked this to arrange things by hand.

Totally forgot I could have two windows inside a container on i3/sway new fav layout for [IRC|Tootle]/Ripcord

Made a small website over the weekend to visualize game studios in México.

The info was gathered by the indi-es.com community.


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