Ported Good enough Minifier for PICO-8 to Node so I can use in my terminal



Maybe when I have more free time will try to use GO or C to have a single binary instead of relying on Node

Just released the demo of
the game we have been working on for the last couple of months, would love some feedback if anyone has some time to play it :)


First time I feel there is no much else I can do to bring the token count down.

Only thing missing is content. We plan to add 50ish rooms to the game, so this is going to be fuun

I overused co routines in my last unity project so was a little scared of using them on PICO-8 but they are convenient for this game

Getting ready for tomorrow’s lesson on top down movement and game feel.

Not going to finish for tomorrow but happy with how things are shaping up :)

Coded all the UI, now need to do all the logic.
Getting closer to the end of the month

Almost done with the curve balls.

Not sure how to do this in a constant speed instead of based on a 0-1 value 🤔

Pullfrog made it to the top games of July on Newgrounds!


It's so weird for me to be on Newgrounds, a site I spent months playing games as a kid and I never really thought I would ever publish a game there.

The Frog is Out! I think this is our most fun game yet, it's free on itch, so go, unlock all the secrets and let us know what you think



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