The Frog is Out! I think this is our most fun game yet, it's free on itch, so go, unlock all the secrets and let us know what you think


Spent all day refactoring my code so I could add a store to the game

I'm so happy on how fun this already feels just jumping around.

Working on a small post on the Pico8 forums with all the resources I found to make this.

This month game idea

First time doing a full platformer

:xoka: Virush is officially out :)

You can play it for free, let me know what you think. Feedback appreciated 😊.

Finally finished the small game, probably tomorrow will do a better post after receiving feedback and fixing things that come up.

If you can, play it and let me know what you think

Started the do a game a month thing with some friends, this month the theme is virus so doing a small grid based game

Im enjoying trying to do classic games without a tutorial and then see how things are normally done, today I did an arkanoid

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