Spent all day refactoring my code so I could add a store to the game

:xoka: Virush is officially out :)

You can play it for free, let me know what you think. Feedback appreciated 😊.


Finally finished the small game, probably tomorrow will do a better post after receiving feedback and fixing things that come up.

If you can, play it and let me know what you think


Did a small custom react hook component for auto filling a UK based address on a form using Google Places API


Did some maintenance to my website :)

No more server side render for now, but will refactor more until it's easier to maintain and add new things.

Finally finished! some content missing, but waiting for the client to add it, one of my favorite websites I have done for a client :)


First draft, a lot of things missing, no responsive whatsoever but I like the form it's taking


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