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@mario_afk I don't know if js is your thing, but is a really fun way to mess with webgl and shaders

@oak I'm actually doing this for a JS project so thanks !

@oak Was thinking exactly that! haha want to get to the part where I also change textures

@aearil I'm doing this for a client who wants a particular effect on a website, the only way to achieve the effect is with a shader, so mainly it's because of an interesting web project

Finally someone is paying me to learn how to do shaders.

It already feels like I pulled up the curtain behind the magic trick

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Get ready for another wall of text! :moar:

🔥 A short history of CSS methodologies 🔥

I was looking at modern CSS frameworks and methodologies like Tailwind or Cube CSS, but had a hard time understanding the whole context that led to their creation. So I went down the rabbit hole to see how it started, and wrote what I understood about it. :cooldog:

@ciel Interesting, I'm trying to do my loader with LUA for LOVE, there is a single header file in C maybe it works better for you

not sure how easy is to call it from Rust

Ported Good enough Minifier for PICO-8 to Node so I can use in my terminal

Maybe when I have more free time will try to use GO or C to have a single binary instead of relying on Node

I just had the best refried black beans in the top of a mountain 1hr away from home

@nx I see it as a massive RPG game for people

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New release of Ariane is now available: (2.2.6) still some known issues but lots of fixes and improvements in place too.

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By popular demand (3 persons asked for it) I present to you... :moar:


(actually it's not that incredible and that probably only applies to my own way of working so please don't take it too seriously)

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