It's also in second place at Warp door, a cool twitter account that publishes indie games :)

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Pullfrog made it to the top games of July on Newgrounds!

It's so weird for me to be on Newgrounds, a site I spent months playing games as a kid and I never really thought I would ever publish a game there.

Someone played Pullfrog for almost 15 minutes without realizing the goal of the game, they loved it though! and it was super fun to watch n.n

@neauoire have the same filling, I will to do something now on pico8

@ciel Yes the WatchTower things is really useful and the general UX is really good, I’m currently using it on Android (Phone)/ iOS(Tablet) / Laptop (MacOS) / Desktop (Linux) and have no issue with it :)

@rostiger haha I was genuinely curious on what was happening

@ciel Yes I do prefer web based than nothing at all, already installed and it's an improvement from just using 1passX

It's seems to be web based UI :/ but still is better than nothing

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Spent a couple of minutes adding useless dot decorations to my website :)

@rostiger @jrc03c the publisher on android is noodle cake, I once worked with them and they take care of the porting if you want, so I guess that is what happens in his case

@jrc03c I know :( but the developer always ends up porting to android, it rises him a couple of months though

Enjoying this game a lot, I love that it teaches you how to actually play sodoku :)

Complaining about React and JS 😫 

@gueorgui KentcDodds just published a really good article on state management in react.

But I can see how if you are working with somebody elses legacy code using react can be really frustrating

@rostiger it is really hard haha but I think it's one.of my favourite game UI's everything is so polished and I really liked the general aesthetics

@rostiger didn't know you worked on Flywrench! Loved it

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