Here's the first weapon sheet I made in collaboration with my friend. We'll make one of these per week for the foreseeable future, building a world around them at the same time, him writing the lore and me illustrating it. I'll post more details on the illustration process on my Patreon as I go ~

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@ciel haha y do want to try the procedural animation but I'm gonna spend some more time doing shaders first

Made two small shaders to replicate de sokpop
style in Godot

(made three but the last one needs some polish)

Custom Skybox:

Joepli wobble:

we can't believe such a perfect domain name was still available 😅

say hi to the new address of the Spanish version of 🎉

May film done! It's called "Reservoir". The plants are watered. 1 min long w/sound. Password is respass

@pixouls @protodrew Thanks! yeah it's what I have read the other options I was looking in to was using a local server so you can access your notes with a browser, but will see

@protodrew Hmmm do you use any iOS device 🤔 ? I think that's not possible with the iOS sandboxing thing

@protodrew Are you using git for syncing with other devices? I was thinking on setting up something like that for my iPad but seems to be a hazzle, so I paid the sync feature for a month while I figure it out.

@protodrew Ah yeah I imagined, I thought maybe you get the rendered result somehow so that the plugin does the heavy lifting

@protodrew Do you use any obsidian plugins? like dataview ? do you need to handle special blocks like that?

Just picked it up yesterday and I'm enjoying using it for my TTRPG notes

@flbr we hope to release it soon :) we are planning ~1 month more of development

Drew a Merveilles sigil for fun, might end up tattooing it on myself 😬 :merveilles:

@pixouls thanks n.n the next thing is adding more FISHES 🐟 :D

Pretty happy with how we went from "I want this specific feeling" to implementing it in a relative small amount of time.

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