@rostiger oh I haven't got there yet, just started the frozen world will see if I managed to get past it

@rostiger I started playing Kero blaster a couple of weeks ago, is super good! I never finished cave story and now want to go back to it but Kero blaster feels like a streamlined version

@chirrolafupa if you do let me know! I'm afraid they will go for a more always online approach, and that would kill it for me :(

But yeah I wish I knew about it when I was teaching

Excalidraw was helpful, I normally prefer pen&paper but being able to share quickly a drawing in the internet made the difference.

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Finally fixed a geometry problem I had for the past 2 weeks, this also gives me an idea on how to improve our game so that it has a better frame rate :)

@neauoire @chirrolafupa found the vim repo, it was really easy to get everything set up

@chirrolafupa got it running! :) I have a busy month but will try to follow along

@neauoire @chirrolafupa postfix notation just clicked for me for the first time :maru:

Last couple of commits have been crazy but I'm happy with the end result

@rostiger @shoofle they changed the license to something that would allow them to have full ownership of contributed code, and they are adding telemetry

@ndpi yes ! I. Have barely tried though it just looked like a lot of moving parts

Also new neovim version seems to be incompatible with vim, tried to setup lsp and looks wat too complicated and would need to spend a couple of hours setting it up :/

@shoofle same here excited at first now just disappointed 😞

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