@drisc I have heard good things about pinboard.in/

Was thinking about using it

Having a lot of issues lately with wayland clipboard :(

Was too lazy to fix it until now but for the last weeks I had wierd characters on nvim when I pasted something.

Found the issue github.com/neovim/neovim/issue

Finally finished writing the post-mortem for the small studio I started at the begging of the year, overall was a good experience and will miss working there.


Didn't knew about this, I'm really exited about the aspect ration units on CSS


@tbd Frist week with it, the prices of S3 where really high, I think spaces is cheaper but will really know at the end of the month, the migration was easy though

@royniang Yeah I might go with a pure css solution, but I think the plugin I use uses the css query for the initial render

@royniang I'm using a gatsby plugin that handles the theme preference based on the device theme, an you can toggle the theme if you click the icon at the top right, the one that wiggles. And for the colors, I'm changing css variables.

AI think I could use the media query of preferred color scheme but then you wouldn't be able to toggle the theme from the website

@royniang thanks n.n haha last 10 commits are tweaks for mobile

@tbd ah Thanks! Migrares from s3 to digital ocean and forgot some images will fix it :)

@kitsunelli Muchas gracias que bueno que lo disfrutaste :)

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