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Deleted my keybase account, thinking about using 1password for encrypted files with site environment variables, does anyone has a better alternative ?

Started the do a game a month thing with some friends, this month the theme is virus so doing a small grid based game

Today I learned how to use inverse lerp to clamp a vector, this took me way more that what it should have

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@sir that’s a great idea actually.

cc @climagic

alias git-rtfm='man $(find /usr/share/man -name "git-*" | sed "s/.*\///;s/\..*//" | shuf -n1)'

New game studio is officially on pause until further notice, probably dead :/

I friend from Mexico shares a lot of values with so probably people here will enjoy his work.

He has a suite to test multiple old game console and that they have the proper color and sound calibrations

Also as part of the suite there is a program to test the difference between two audios and then check if for example a emulator has the proper implementation :)

I enjoy doing fake websites only for the sake of it

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I remember some time ago I saw a small twitter clone where fake cute animals or something like that where chatting, but can't find it again :(

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