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hello i spent the last twelve days doing absolutely nothing but making this video game, so please play it thank you. it's about my cat and also our other cats

@mastonaut Hi! it seems I can't login to a instance that has the "whitelist" mode on, is there any way around it ?

GraphQL at least in the front end feels like a massive improvement on how things are done

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Hmm it seems hyphen support is a mess and it changes on every platform

Making some hyphens tests, it is sad that Chrome doesn't seem to support it on Linux :(

The most anoying part is to change the bg color of the html by hand to black

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I wonder if I can do something to automatically publish pico 8 games to

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"Avoiding Unexpected Navigation" by Eric Lawrence

I literally dragged-and-dropped a file onto a webpage last week and lost some work I was doing. It's great that browsers are working to fix this, the same way they fixed the Backspace button.

Just opened a mastodon instance for close Mexican friends :) let's see how that goes

:xoka: Virush is officially out :)

You can play it for free, let me know what you think. Feedback appreciated 😊.

Finally finished the small game, probably tomorrow will do a better post after receiving feedback and fixing things that come up.

If you can, play it and let me know what you think

Someone made me realize instead of days in the quarantine they are actually nights so

- Better night transition
- New Hud

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A great update just landed in NaSC, one of our favorite apps for elementary OS. More functions, better conversions, and a fresh new icon. #GetItOnAppCenter

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What are examples of GTK apps that exemplify great design and sweating the details?

On macOS apps like Things, Reeder, Coda/Nova, Safari, Bear, Tweetbot, Sketch, and pretty much all Omni Group apps come to mind.
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