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Fantastic talk by Joseph White on the motivations for the PICO-8 fantasy console. I love the attention to how the process of designing and coding should feel (cozy, inviting).

Saw Palm Springs today and really enjoyed it :)

Nice Sci-Fi Rom Com where two people are stuck in a time loop situation

Almost done with the curve balls.

Not sure how to do this in a constant speed instead of based on a 0-1 value 🤔

My mom is making me watch her new 007 DVD collection as it was a tv show.

Dr. No intro credits are really nice

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I'm still sad about the Mozilla news :(

It's also in second place at Warp door, a cool twitter account that publishes indie games :)

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Pullfrog made it to the top games of July on Newgrounds!

It's so weird for me to be on Newgrounds, a site I spent months playing games as a kid and I never really thought I would ever publish a game there.

Someone played Pullfrog for almost 15 minutes without realizing the goal of the game, they loved it though! and it was super fun to watch n.n

It's seems to be web based UI :/ but still is better than nothing

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Spent a couple of minutes adding useless dot decorations to my website :)

Enjoying this game a lot, I love that it teaches you how to actually play sodoku :)

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