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★ Joybox A pinboard for media

publishing today my 5th web app, for collecting and enjoying video or audio links from different platforms, and easily keep a record of what you've played + 100%

00:00 Intro
00:24 Collection
00:54 Add with one click
02:59 Add by pasting links
03:31 Receive a playlist
04:39 Send a playlist

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What would be the most direct way to access the merveilles teal hex code?

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Rewrote the 100R website as an extremely simple wiki(200 lines of C89) with redlinks, templating and includes support.

Anyone interested in creating a static wiki, and learning a bit of C at the same time, might be interested in forking it to build their own wiki.

Lemme know if you have any question~

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Totally forgot I could have two windows inside a container on i3/sway new fav layout for [IRC|Tootle]/Ripcord

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I can see the light at the end of this client's work

After months of giving up with sharing my screen under wayland/sway I finally managed to make it work today

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Maybe I will replace the map with an SVG map instead so that it's easier to load it without JS

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Made a small website over the weekend to visualize game studios in México.

The info was gathered by the community.

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