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Excalidraw was helpful, I normally prefer pen&paper but being able to share quickly a drawing in the internet made the difference.

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Finally fixed a geometry problem I had for the past 2 weeks, this also gives me an idea on how to improve our game so that it has a better frame rate :)

Last couple of commits have been crazy but I'm happy with the end result

Also new neovim version seems to be incompatible with vim, tried to setup lsp and looks wat too complicated and would need to spend a couple of hours setting it up :/

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If you need to join a #zoom call, but don't want to use their proprietary client, just use #webrtc in the browser!

So sad on how the new work on audacity is turning out :(

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the university of milan has released over four hundred meows for non-commercial and research purposes (via

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@neauoire Probably already on your radar but have you seen Playbit?

Spent too much time doing this gifs, but liked the result :) Aseprite is great for editing pixel art gifs

I would like to get a notification when a new App is added to found some of my fav Linux app there

Lazy top 3:

- Curtail
- Newsflash for miniflux RSS
- Video Trimmer

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Wrote a new update on the devlog, will sort out getting a RSS feed later this week :)

"About Amano & the collision conundrum"

Used to draw this and explain how we are handling collisions on our game, at first I tried exporting it to figma and start aligning everything to a perfect grid and then realized that is not necessary at all and looks good enough like this.

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