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Just published the first "playable" build of the game to the playdate forums, kind of nervous.

Let me know if anyone with the Playdate SDK and without access to the forums would like a build 🐾

Finally finished the physics for our little frog game.

Wrote a log on how we handle the frog getting squished by a falling game piece and the many ways we try to save the frog.

I just saw this video and liked it, definitely some things resonate with past experience

Ugh I need an easy to use GUI to convert mp4 -> GIF on linux I always end up in the same stack overflow ffmpeg answer where the first answer is broken

Totally forgot about Starseed Pilgrim and what an pleasant surprise it was to play Cruel world and learning it's by the same developer

I'm organizing a community event of doing one 3D piece every two weeks, the most fun part is doing the posters

FTL: Faster Than Light (Macintosh 512K, 1985)
by Subset Games

Excalidraw was helpful, I normally prefer pen&paper but being able to share quickly a drawing in the internet made the difference.

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Finally fixed a geometry problem I had for the past 2 weeks, this also gives me an idea on how to improve our game so that it has a better frame rate :)

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