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Does 32 berserk volumes count as 32 books read this year ? I counted them as 3 instead

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Feel weird about feeling weird on adding manga on my reading list and reading goals for this year

Wordle share doesn't seem to work on Firefox Android :( but it's a cool little game

I want to play an online text based async RPG with no AI, not sure if that even exist.

Something like Roll20 but text only and async

We need a forum to discuss how to build a forum

Ya llegó, ya está aquí! 🎉 #Pizarra 🪶 1.6.1 con soporte para la goma si el lápiz la tiene (si no pues ahí está la herramienta goma a la que puedes cambiar manualmente)

Today's AOC challenge should release earlier so I have something to do while AWS is down

aoc day 7 

Finally cached up, not sure if this year is easier or it feels this way because is the first year I try to solve it with a dynamic language

Probably going to stop doing AOC at midnight and do them in the morning the next day

One day I will learn how to do bitwise operations :(

aoc day 3, spoilers 

Damn reading comprehension was hard on this one.

Maybe will clean up tomorrow but probably I wont.

Need to write a binary to decimal converter in wren.

aoc day 2, spoilers 

I wonder if source hut has syntax highlight for wren 🤔

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aoc day 2, spoilers 

Finished day 2 :) I thought I wasn't going to like the everything is a class approach of but it's growing on me.

I consider this first dungeon level complete, the living quarter of a yet unknown vampire, you can find a cool sword, some skulls and a mysterious scroll in there

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First day done!

Let's see how long I can get without getting frustrated by the lack of wren code formatter

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Oh shoot forgot advent of code started today D:

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