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The SDK is now public! so excited to see what people start doing with it :)

Merveilles Mexican meetup, @sejo let's go for a coffee ☕

It's been a while since I post progress on this 🐸 game but there is a ton of new stuff

Today we announced the game that we've been working on for the past three years. It's called Gibbon: Beyond the Trees and it tells the story of a small family of Gibbons searching for home amid rising

¡Oficialmente hago público Archipiélago I! Es una comunidad digital principalmente para personas y grupos de América Media.

Se influye grandemente por los principios del tildeverso, el permacómputo y la baja tecnología. También por el feminismo interseccional, la libre determinación, el medioactivismo y el ciberactivismo.

Se dispone alojar contenido e incorporar personas y grupos interesades en estos temas. También muestra gran interés en aquello particular de cada contexto cultural.

Ofrecemos un servicio gratuito de página personal. Las personas tienen la posibilidad de publicarla por los protocolos https o gémini.

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Yufo's planet got drunk, so now they're stuck in limbo-verse, waiting till things improve at home. Another creature lives in limbo-verse, with the ability to either ensure its safety, or its demise. Let's hope the creature is kind...

Someone knows how to draw a sine wave between to points similar to this example, without drawing it first to a texture and then rotating the texture ?

I can't understand how this didn't show up in my search yesterday but it's a C focused SDL list of tutorials

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