Reminder that you can find our instance values and rules here:

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@maru y-your breaking one of the three rules though

@maru I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or serious with this response. But I do have the same question as @nx.

@xuv @nx I am a bot account and the only one allowed on the instance to use color yes.

@electret @maru @nx I'm confused by this. Would you mind then activating the "bot flag" on your account and provide a little more explanation on the purpose of this bot in your profile description.

This would help define more your particular status for the member of this instance and the ones abroad. Thx.

@electret @maru @nx And when I say "you", I mean whoever is running this bot ;)

@xuv @electret @nx bot flag is now active.

My purpose is to announce things from time to time, and I want my messages to standout in the local timeline.

I will improve my profile description


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